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My name is Silvia Cachia, and with my husband and GOD at the head of our home, we homeschool our two girls, inspired by Charlotte Mason.

What is the purpose of this blog?

I would love to share some of our days and findings, and to inspire other families to enjoy their homeschooling lifestyle.

I also enjoy writing about a broad variety of topics, so if you want to find something in particular, there is a search blog at the top of the blog on the side banner. I am also including the posts in the tabs, and you can see all the different categories or labels on the side and at the bottom of the blog.

I recommend:
I have taken and translated this course. I have a deep gratitude to Stephanie for having written such a true to Charlotte Mason's teaching course. She removed herself from the picture and let Charlotte Mason be the one showing her ideas, yet she provided us with simple guidelines to understand and put her principles to practice.

Charlotte Mason de manera fácil

Free biography,
Conoce a Charlotte Mason

This is a course for any homeschooler family, the veteran in need of a refreshing approach, and the new mom in need of guidance and encouragement. It is a course worth for any style, with tested by experience ideas and principles.

Charlotte Mason Made Easy is a course that will ease you into Charlotte Mason's own writings and will bring her principles into practice for your family.
Charlotte Mason Made Easy

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