Book lists?

And I type a question mark, because I have been pondering if to make one or not. Years pass by, I thought I read much yet I do not know how others can read tons, literally. I get dizzy, upset even (seeing how little I read in comparison), when I look at books lists, if I read about others who have read many interesting authors, classics, books to learn, rich novels... But this is wrong. I should not compare. It is fine to see others having hefty goals, being disciplined, reading by themselves, writing reviews, hosting book clubs... sigh. I once did that and I do not know today how I did it, but I learned a lot.

Yet for more than I panic with book-lists that point how much I don't know, I also appreciate looking at the books I have read, or we have read. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. And I admit I enjoy friends' book lists, they contain a promise of exciting places, thoughts, ideas, feelings...

Why do I read? To broaden my mind, to live, to learn, to have pleasure, to be moved, to be shaken, to be challenged in my convictions, aware of my biases, to travel to places, to develop my self, to heal, to cheer, to reflect, to dream, to clear my thoughts... innumerable reasons. And maybe lists, if we can come to terms with them, if I can come to terms with them and see them as a practical aid to keep up reading, they will then be welcome.

I also have to admit that, having to review some books I ordered this past year without a lot of conviction or knowledge of the title, has lead me to read not so great titles. I wonder if I am going to order titles this way anymore. And yet some of the best books have come from these blogging for free book places too.

Greet mine, then, if you please:


A Year with Chesterton *** My favorite read of 2012

Is That a Fish in Your Ear *** My favorite read of 2012 at the same level of the Chesterton book.

When to Speak and When to Shut Up. Just O.K

Twelve Unlikely Heroes. Just O.K

Tough Guys and Drama Queens.

The Coming Revolution. O.K, a bit weak.

You are Stronger Than You Think.

Beyond Ordinary.

Coming Apart. * Recommendable

Swipe. Dystopian fiction. Good read.

Nature's Numbers

If on a Winter's Night a Traveler

Used and Rare * Very recommendable

The Founders Key ** Very recommendable

La oportunidad perdida. No lo recomiendo. Predectible, aburrido.

El misterio Velázquez. **Muy recomendable, adolescentes en adelante.

Kafka y la muñeca viajera. ** También lo recomiendo, también de adolescentes en adelante.

Still reading Bill Bryson's Shakespeare, A Treasury of Parables, by Edward J. Bartek, and I started The Pickwick Papers by Dickens, but it is hard, I have changed to A Tale of Two Cities.

2013 BOOKLIST. I have at least these three books lined up:

A Jacques Barzun Reader: Selections from His Works

The Island of the World

Booked: Literature in the Soul of Me  

Shakespeare. Any.

Poetry. Any. More than just what we read aloud every day. 

2012 Book list with the girls: (The innumerable picture books and some ongoing school books are omitted):

Peter Pan
The Wonder Book for Girls and Boys ***
Farmer Boy ***
Little House on The Prairie ***
Charlie y la fábrica de chocolate **
Cinco niños y eso
Understood Betsy ***
All of a Kind Family ***

Not finished, but we will get back to them next season or another year:

Hoffmann's Nutcracker
Stories of the Pilgrims

2013 Book list with the girls: we are currently reading

Y entonces llegó un perro (Along came a dog)
El viento en los sauces
Little Duke (almost finished and finally loved)
Tanglewood Tales (a favorite)

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Lisa said...

This post sounds like me, dear Silvia. I know of many people who read so many books throughout the year, and yet I am barely staying ahead of my son's AO yr7 readings and our read alouds. I have lofty reading goals for myself, but I just can't seem to find the time to meet those goals. I love your lists though, and I think that I should make a list as well. Maybe having a list to refer to will encourage me to make time to read - for myself.
As always, thanks for the encouragement, my friend. :)
Much love to you.


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