About Firsts

Did you know that?

I am the first born in my family.

The first person in my family to have graduated from college.

The first person to have emigrated to a different country and continent, to speak a different language, to have married a foreigner.

The first and only of us three (I have a younger brother and a younger sister) to have married,
and to have had children.

The first christian in my family.

The first person to be a reader, the only avid reader, the first to read aloud to her children (since I am the only one who has any).

The first person to have translated and read Charlotte Mason, :), and soon I guess will be the first to have read Shakespeare.

The first and only person who has been to a cruise.

If not the first person to play an instrument (because I do not play any and because my uncle and on of his children are real musicians), I am the first person in my direct family to have her children in music and piano classes! That will have to be a first for them.

The first to have traveled to other continents than Europe, where I was born.

The first to become a school teacher, (my younger sister is a teacher in Madrid).

and the first one to homeschool her children.

Too many firsts, what a daunting challenge. I can view all these firsts as a burden or a blessing. I am choosing the latest. I am aware that these firsts mean lack of heritage or foundation to draw from, but it is also a blank piece of paper to invent your life as you like it. This is just what I want to remember every time things don't go as fast or impressive as I expect them to be or as they are for others. They cannot. These first will take their time to flourish in my girls and to settle down in me. My job is to plant seeds, many first seeds, (not only in them by also in me), and enjoy that humble deed. I am ready for it, finally, at 42 years old minus a few days, late or early, who cares? I am ready to savor all these firsts, and seconds, thirds, etc. and that is what matters most.

On a lighter note but related to these firsts, yesterday and today I did something different too. Yesterday went to my favorite store and FOR THE FIRST TIME, I only looked at GROWN UP books, I did not spend a single minute looking at children books for the girlies. I spent 2 hours looking at books FOR ME.

I brought home these treasures, with the exception of Historians' Fallacies, which I had and never open until yesterday, and since then I am eagerly reading, (this book merits a post of its own). I got three books at a great price, since I have some credit at the store that I earn by bringing in books I do not care to keep.

The Poem of the Cid is a bilingual version. I do love that the Spanish text, which is old old Spanish, it looks like a cross between Latin and Spanish, some words did not evolve into a Spanish word, and you are at loss about what they mean. This book has the English in prose on the right, which comes very handy. Not only. I know that sometimes with the classics it is simply best to jump into the original text than to read commentaries, but the translator introduction is brilliant. It simply tells you what the poem is, the history of it, the story of it, and why and how they approached the translation. I have finished the introduction, and that was all I needed to get situated and ready to enjoy it, which I know I will since I have browsed some pages and I have fallen under the spell of that old Spanish in verse.

The last book from the store is called Various Antidotes. I have already read two of the short stories and I have also scored with this book. The tales are about scientists or men obsessed or immersed into something science related. She intertwines scientific observations, and mixes reality and fiction in short tales. What I like is her style, it is simply a match, she fits right there into my taste.

In the religious section, and not paying attention to christian women fiction, or christian fiction, I saw this leather bound book that it happened to be a devotional. I do not usually like devotionals either (funny, I also have recently ordered one from one of the blogging for books publishers), but the NKJ excerpt and the just one question related to those verses presented every day looked great. I am still debating if to write the answers in the book, or get a separate journal for that.

I also browsed the historic novels section extensively. I was close to get The Zookeeper's Wife, but it is a book about the Holocaust, and I don't know why, I felt for something about a different and less deep thematic. Many other novels looked good, but I could see they had topics that made me uncomfortable. Others were flat into a out of the question zone as the titles clearly indicated.

I found Various Antidotes in the classics, though the book has a 1994 copyright. By the way, what is the time constriction or definition of a classic? Does it have one?

I thought that many modern books deal with topics I do not want to nor feel comfortable reading about, but then many classics can be defined like this too... I guess we all have to find our path, our place where we, both in our mind and soul, know our believes are safe and sound in regards to the literature, music, and entertainment we welcome in our life.

And today another first of the same kind. I ordered some books and they were all (ahem, I sneaked in a Mind Benders book for the girls) for me, five titles,  I will hopefully write and share my thoughts about them as I start reading them.

4 opinion(s):

Madalen Goiria said...

Me ha hecho pensar, y creo que sólo soy la primera en haber obtenido un doctorado.
Mi madre y mis hermanos se licenciaron antes que yo, mi hermano fue profesor antes que yo, tuvieron hijos antes, y sus hijos recibieron clases de música antes que las mías. Mi madre ya tocaba el piano antes que yo, y así...constantemente. Creo que soy una segundona.
Un abrazo muy fuerte, y gracias por compartir un tema tan apasionante.

Silvia said...

Madalen, creo que es una gran suerte y herencia lo que cuentas. Se nota la solera y riqueza familiar que traes, el ser segundona en tu caso para mí implica eso, todas las tradiciones familiares y los logros también. Pero como digo, ya no puedo estar lamentando lo que no tengo, porque se me vá la vida de esta forma melancólica y pesimista... Necesito y deseo mirar hacia delante y como digo, contar la suerte de escribir tu propia novela, o también de tener frente a mí un cheque en blanco. Plantarme en la felicidad de las posibilidades, y no comparar ni como te digo, lamentar lo que no fue.

Un abrazo también a tí y Feliz Año 2013.

Lisa said...

So glad to read about your many firsts, my dear friend. And I have a few firsts of my own, and I am savoring them as well. :)
(Did you get my email in response to your comment on my blog?)
Much love you!

jmommymom said...

Merging blogs sounds like a ton of work. You must feel so good to have this taken care of. I'm off to visit your new site.


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