Sticks and Stones

 A teacher and friend told me another teacher and friend too, :), uses stones with different illustrations she has glued and painted over with polyurethane, to tell the children to go pick a stone from the collection and write about the picture in it, whether is a person, animal, place, etc.

I decided not to use polyurethane but glossy mod podge instead, since it is non toxic.

From there I had this idea, without Pinteresting, which probably gives you a hundred similar ones. But sometimes, instead of spending time Pinteresting you can use it to actually create something. Not that I do not spend it uploading pics and posting here, ahem.

If you look at the two above pictures, they show different sides of the jar and stones. Some stones have not two but three insects and animals (there is a salamander, also called spotted newt, a snail, ants, long leg spider, a wolf spider, ladybugs, butterflies, a cricket, a cicada, and a click beetle.

I know we are always looking after educational toys. The truth is that old toys, even things that are not toys, such as sticks and stones, or cardboard boxes, are the best toys. My girls LOVE playing with what they find in the house or backyard.

If you look at the picture above, the jar won't close if you don't place the stones in a particular order (big ones first). The bottom picture is of the jar with them all inside.

My oldest girl had to do her version. It is in a Nutella plastic jar. I suggested her to add the orange ribbon, to cover the expiration date, and the little bow. The rest is ALL in its ENTIRETY her own work. To be honest, I like the book she chose for her insects even better than mine! However, I have to finish using that first one to the last illustration. If I  rip a book apart, it needs to come back in a new concept, and everything has to be recycled for no waste.

 Her stones fit well in the jar.

Lastly, these are four sticks my husband cut from our fig tree. They smell divine. I proposed to sell them, but my youngest opposes, and that is fine. They play camping and cut red construction paper to simulate a fire.

We will cut more branches and offer them for little to someone who does not happen to have tree and saw handy and who may want to gift them to any children.

 My recycled set of 7 lucky stones and jar is for sale for $8.50 plus shipping.
My daughters is a gift, but she plans to make others and sell too. Like mother like daughter!

4 opinion(s):

Ellen @ Tote-ally Blessed said...

I love the idea of using the pictures on the stones to make a story! I also adore taking something we already have handy, like stones, and using them for something a bit different, educational even. Learning from nature at its finest indeed!

Thanks for sharing neighbor! =)

Lisa said...

Wonderful idea, dear Silvia. Thank you. :)

...they call me mommy... said...

How neat!!! I just love this idea! My children would play with those insect stones all the time! :)


Jeanne said...

How cute are they!


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