Unbelievable but FREE

It was November 3rd, 2011, when I did my first review for Book Sneeze. The Book of Man. Up to last year I never knew some people received FREE books in exchange for reviews.

I review for BookSneeze®

From Book sneeze I have received 10 books and 1 is in the way. I think it is by far the best place for me since they have a nice non fiction selection. I do not like christian fiction. And that is why Bethany House has not cut it for me. They have non fiction, but doctrinal religious books, which I do not read either.

I review for BookSneeze® My other most valued place for free books is Blogging for Books. I received and reviewed the book Coming Apart, which was thought provoking. And two days ago I got this cutie,

When I saw it for review among other books, I got the idea it was a pocket size book, but it is not. It is wide and gorgeous. This is the Nutcracker by E.T.A. Hoffmann, illustrated by Maurice Sendak. Yes, you can see his acclaimed nightmare picture in the book! The introduction captivated me. It says they have translated Hoffmann maintaining his spirit but without rendering his original text fluidly, not watered down neither too stiffed.

The review and more on the Nutcracker will come in December.

There is also Tyndale. Just one review of a book in the self help category which was O.K., and other title in the way that I hope to enjoy.

Lastly, Netgalley, which books are digital for Kindle or any other reader. I am currently reading 'What Your Husband Doesn't Tell You', and somethings I am learning.

Of all these places, you will have to explore and realize which are your favorites, but something is for sure, you will get FREE BOOKS in exchange of your HONEST REVIEW.

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Ellen, the Bluestocking Belle said...

Thanks for this, Silvia! I signed up with BookSneeze and Blogging for Books today. I'm looking forward to reading some (more) good books!

Silvia said...

You will love both companies. BookSneeze is where I got that gorgeous cooking book, Share the Bounty. Many good titles. Some I give to my used bookstore for credit, most I have kept. They are wonderful.

I am looking forward to reading your posts with reviews of the books you get from them. I think it takes a day or two to get confirmation email, but you will!


Diana Dow said...

I've never heard of doing book reviews like this. What a great idea. The book you show looks wonderful!

jmommymom said...

This book has been sitting on my shelf for a few years. We just picked it up last night to read. We are on chapter 3 and my 5 and 9 year old are enjoying it. I look forward to reading your review.


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