Tough Guys and Drama Queens

I thought for a while whether to order this book or not, and I am glad I finally did. Mark Gregston has lots of experience dealing with teens and tweens with problems that range from very severe to mild, but adolescence issues. That part of the book in which Gregston talks about the culture and battles our children fight mostly at school, or with their friends, was very shocking to me.

Reading this I realize that homeschooling our girls is a good shelter from many of the things Mark Gregston talks about, but the book was a good reminder that we cannot isolate or overprotect our children, or never allow them to be out there on their own in different scenarios that will test who they are and what they believe. And that we need to understand they will make mistakes and cause disappointment, but still we should be there for them and have a clear system of consequences in place so that we can remain loving while they still get to "pay" for their mistakes.

My daughters are very young and I had not read anything about the teen years yet, but I am glad I read this book. The advice to parents is applicable to more than teens, though. Communication, have a day a week to talk with your son or daughter, asking thought provoking questions and listening to their answers without overwhelming them with your opinions, negotiating to some extent and meeting them half way when appropriate, and specially giving love and grace even when least deserve it, while keeping the consequences and boundaries in place, though, are some of the things discussed with examples and clear explanations.

There are a few points I disagree with the author to some extent, as usual, I believe, but all in all, I find the suggestions and experiences worth reading.

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