My Blogs

Within the years, these are all the blogs and sites I have designed.

Most of you know my homeschooling blog in Spanish. Similar but different to this one in English:

A new project inspired by books. I do not know if it will end up as an Etsy store. For now my creations will go to presents, and maybe a sale or two:
A library online that my friend Marina and I have started:

My Tumblr blog where I pin, cut, paste, like, and post what catches my attention. An Online Common Place Book of sorts:

A website I designed for my dear friend Olga who is starting a business for children to teach them about nutrition and health:

A blog to write about my experiences and reflections about teaching Bible class:

Last but not least, a site and blog where María and I will soon sell a PDF booklet we translated (Elementary Geography, by Charlotte Mason), and another small PDF booklet on homeschooling that I wrote.


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