Books and Bread for Breakfast

My friend Heather is back at her blog, doing what she loves to do, and what she does best. Blogging about books, and selling some lovely titles too.

She is a wonderful baker. She passed me her bread recipe, and I tried it with store bought whole wheat flour, (she buys her own whole wheat, which is better imo, grinds it and uses it for any of her bread), and it turned out like real bread for the first time in my whole life. Not dense, but airy, crunchy in the outside, simply delicious.

The trick to this bread was to use a machine to knead it. Since I do not have a Kitchen Aid or any other good machine with a kneading loop, I bought an inexpensive handmixer, but one that has those two hoops that are for kneading bread. Not all handmixers come with those, but if they do, they are the type you want in case you don't have a kitchen aide type of mixer.

Then follow your recipe, and get the times with the mixer, and you will see the dough properly kneaded, that is, I believe, one of the most crucial parts of baking good bread.

Heather's Bread Recipe

Ingredients:4 cups of flour
2 tbsp dry yeast 2 tbsp oil
2 tbsp honey
2 cups lukewarm water
1 tsp salt
1 egg


* Mix all in slow and add up to 2 more cups of flour, until dough does not stick to walls of bowl

* Let it sit for 10 minutes

* Knead with mixer 4 minutes on high. (My handheld mixer worked well, but I had to keep placing the dough in the middle, because the hoops make it into a long lump and they push it to the sides. Still I saw the dough being properly kneaded).

* Separate dough into 2 balls

* Shape into two loaves, or into one and freeze three balls for pizza dough

* Let it raise into warmed oven, or outside in a hot day (that is almost all year round here!)

* Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes or until done.

5 opinion(s):

Books For Breakfast said...

I'm so glad it turned out well for you! I remember my first loaf of edible bread. Just a warning, now that you've baked your first loaf your family will never want to settle for store bought again. Brian complains every time I make him a sandwich with storebought bread, "Mommy would you please make it homemade?" And thanks for my blog and shop plug!

Silvia said...

Oh... I know that, LOL! The girls woke up the next day and I said, would you like toasted bread? And they replied, yes mom, your wonderful home made bread! Now they want me to bake it for V's Bday, and for everything, as you say. They kept saying it was as good as Mrs. Heather's!

About your blog and shop... I did it selfishly... I wanted to see that banner of yours in my blog, LOL! It is too cute for words.

Books For Breakfast said...

Oh, and one more thing. The lady who taught me how to bake bread (and garden) is awaiting some test results on a suspicious brain mass. Please lift her and her family up in your prayers.

Silvia said...

I will. Thanks for reminding me.

Kim said...

Can't wait to try the bread!


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