When to Speak Up & When to Shut Up

When to Speak Up & When to Shut Up is the title of a book by Dr. Michael D. Sedler. This book tells us when to speak or remain silent in regards to our christian faith. Dr. Sedler draws his advice from Bible characters and their success or failure to speak up or to be quiet at different times. He interjects these examples with events in his personal life, and examples in his many years of counseling, leaving you, the reader, with specific principles to have in mind when you have to communicate, agree, disagree, take a stand, or give your opinion in your interaction with others at work, home, or in any situation.

I have enjoyed and benefited from this book. It has opened up my views about why and when it is important to listen to the other person, leave our pride aside, and truly listen. I also like the part when it says how crucial it is the way we convey our message. We can say the same thing but choose words that will shut down the other person, or choose other words that will not hurt or attack, and that may be much better received by the person we are talking to.

Asking for forgiveness was another meaningful part to me. Even if we still do not agree, understand, or see that we did anything wrong, when others are hurt by our behavior and our words, it is imperative we ask for forgiveness. Maybe, if we are more open to listening, we will understand where we fell short.

It was a good book to reflect about our interactions with others. Now I ask myself what my true motives for speaking or being silent are, and if they are fear, pride, or any wrong motives, I regroup and change, if they are right motives, then I have a mental confirmation or check up. When we are about to confront difficult situations where peer pressure is high, I will also remember to have a partner, if not physically, at least someone to whom I am sharing what I am about to face, and to strengthen myself with this person, and preparing before with prayer and introspection.

I received this book from Chosen Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

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Ellen, the Bluestocking Belle said...

Silvia, sounds like a very valuable book. We live in an era when it's normal for people to talk but not listen, to talk over others, to make assumptions, etc. Christians are called to be different, and for good reason. Thanks for alerting us to this book!


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