Sweet Innocence

Little one at the front is making an additional castle for the Duke of Normandy
Today my oldest girl, almost eight, took her Alfie book that our friend Heather gave us two years ago, and which I have read to the girls ever since, and read it to herself and to her sister who joined. After that she continued reading her Jessie Bear books. Last week it was Mary Engelbright illustrated Nursery Rhymes.

That is her level of mastery, and her level of comfort. Yesterday also, as she had written her memory verse for this month already, when I asked her about what poem she would like to practice, she requested Sprouts from one of those Jessie Bear books.

She chooses Frog and Todd, Amelia Bedelia, Oink and Pearl, Hattie the Rabbit, and some Little Mouse comics too to read during her independent reading time. She checks some Dr. Seuss books from the library.

She reads these books fluently, with expression, with delight. I have always wished by this time she were reading chapter books or something more meaty, but today it struck me that my almost eight year old girl is sweet, innocent, and that is where she is in terms of reading. Who am I to ask for more?

Her birthday is coming. She wants a bunny birthday. She thinks home made everything. She loves music, Mike Oldfield (Going to France and Moonlight Shadow), Orthodox Celts singing The Star of  The County Down, and she likes listening to Fifty Famous Stories Retold over, and over, and over. She is fascinated with Understood Betsy, likes Dr. Doolittle, and had a trip with Wonderbook for Girls and Boys. Since last week, after art class, which now is art-music-Spanish taught by me with the girls 'help' :), she and her sister can't get John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt out of her heads.

To a long lasting CHILDHOOD!
P.S: My friend, their art teacher, also talked about this with our other friend, their music teacher (we all share art, music, and Spanish classes on Wednesdays), and they thought that maybe the music selections would be regarded as 'babyish'. Much the contrary. They were welcome and thoroughly enjoyed by all the kiddos ages 5 and a half to 8.

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Sarah said...

How delightful that your daughter finds joy in those gorgeous books! That is the beauty of homeschooling that our children are not under any obligations to be at any certain 'worldly' level but the one God intended them to be. It took me a while to understand this also as I was struggling with the world secular system and God really brought me to a place of peace and understanding in how our children learn and grow. I would much rather hear my children say 'I love reading' then not love it and be at their level. xxx

Silvia said...

Oh, Sarah! Yes, yes, yes... I used to think ... hmmm, almost eight, not reading independently at such and such level from the time she is five, or six, or seven (well she is seven but eight in two weeks! wow, time flies). And now I DO LOVE the way she is, how she came to love reading HER WAY, at HER TIME, with HER PICKS... and to be honest, her choices are fabulous.



Ellen, the Bluestocking Belle said...

Amen, Silvia! Here's to a long-lasting childhood! I had to smile at your friends' worries that the selected music would be too "babyish." It seems as if adults oftentimes push children through childhood, preempting their strong, innate, God-given sense of delight. And yet looks what happens when we give them room to be who they naturally are: They thrive!

Silvia said...

:) My friends are sweet homeschooling mamas, they were simply a bit curious about the children reaction. The thing is that these days we see children around growing too fast (it is the media and culture's interest and push), and they simply had a moment of saying, will they think these songs are a bit too easy, given that sometimes our children are very mature in many things, we forget that maturity can very well go hand in hand with innocence.

Lisa said...

Love this, Silvia! I want my children to be children as long as possible. :)
Blessings to you, my friend.

Mama Squirrel said...

What a wonderful post, so full of delight! Thank you!

Silvia said...

Thanks Mama Squirrel. A CM inspired education is full of this delight, isn't it?


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