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Have you joined the new Ambleside Forum yet? Lisa asked me a few weeks ago and I did not give it much importance. Then I said, let me find a Cohort group 2011 (meaning moms who started with one child in AO year 1 last year), and I did find and join the loveliest group where I recognized moms from our AO year 0 days!

But at the same time, The Amblesideonline Forum opened its doors, and I am pleasantly surprised of how useful and efficient it is. I do not have to read lots of email or even browse, I join conversations that interest me, simply read them, or start a thread if I have a burning question or some sharing to do.

It is a joy to see blogger friends, many who have shared email with me and comments. It is a nice place to log in whenever you have the need or whenever you please. There will be times when I am there less, others more, but Lisa, JOIN, you will not regret it. There are many groups in it, such as large families, or even only children. Because we are all different and we all share the desire to educate our children inspired by the great and only Miss Mason.

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Sarah said...

I agree with everything you have written. I love the forum and love joining in with conversations that interest me. xxx

Silvia said...

Sara... good to hear from you! Another beautiful friend.

I thought sooooo much about you. My girl is back on MEP. We are enjoying book 1b! And that is fine, she is progressing and liking it. Ah, with Life of Fred combined.


Nancy said...

Just wanted to stop by and say "hi!" Your sweet words over on your Spanish blog were too kind. Thank you, friend. Did you happen to catch that my son that you mention, Jack, is now married to Kaley, the girl in the interview with her mom? So interesting how God worked that out - I could not have made a better match if I tried! We've had a rich summer up here!

From joy to joy,

Jeanne said...

I was happy to see you on the forum too, Silvia, my friend.

Silvia said...

What a joy! I need to give an upgrade to my Spanish readers, they'd love seeing your son and Kaley. They look great together.


Silvia said...

It is a neat place to be! I still need to surf the math forums and such. We are back to MEP, and I thought much about you and that changing curriculum is never the solution. I agree. We just had to leave it alone for some time, it was getting tedious, difficult, it did not work.

Now we are in booklet 1b, and we have added (not changed) Life of Fred because they match my oldest girl way of learning.

Kelly said...

Silvia, thanks for posting this -- I didn't know about it before, but I joined this afternoon. See ya there, I hope!

Sarah said...

I'm pleased to hear MEP is working out again, I am convinced it's a brilliant program for all types of learners. xxx


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