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Pam... said...

Wow. Thanks. Starting out with French Twins for free on kindle, then my wish list is for The Eskimo Twins, and Japanese. So, do you have a favorite?

Silvia said...

Two years ago we read the Japanese, since we know less of that culture than any other, and this year, since we liked it, I am repeating it specially for my kindergarten girl who was too young at the time though she listened to it some.

I have not read any other but I have read that the Belgian Twins is very good too.

Do you have the Eskimo Twins in your wish list because you would like it in print? Because on the second page of the link, here, it is also downloadable for kindle,

I miss you. I thought about you yesterday. I must have brought you up to my blog with my thoughts!

Pam... said...

Oh, I do love books in print; but first I want to 'test' a few of the series out to see if the girls like them. It's nice to have a Kindle for that.
And I choose ones that seemed much different than our own experience.

Thanks for thinking of me! I hadn't blogged for awhile. Am trying to figure out what to do. My google image space is about to run out, and I just don't know if paying nearly $30 a year is feasible. I could start a new Passionate Homeschooler blog, but I wonder if that means I get a new reserve of image space for free? Have you any thoughts about this?


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