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After three years of writing in this blog, it can become difficult to navigate in it and to know what to expect and where to find in it.

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I have reorganized the blog structure, and I have added a section at the top of the blog for those who are new, or for those who simply want to take a look at what Homeschooling in a Bilingual Home is all about.

2 opinion(s):

Jeanne said...

Good idea. I need to overhaul my blog too. One day...

Silvia said...

We know our blogs, and our old time friend's blogs, but through my other blog in Spanish, I realized that new comers were lost so I decided to do blog spring cleaning!

Do yours, do not procrastinate dear, it will be nice to have your mathematical mind at work in reorganizing your blog for fast access. (Mind you, I always find what I need, though).


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