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Thanks to my friend Heather, we knew of a nearby farm where to go and pick blueberries, eat some, weight the rest, and bring them home to the fridge and freezer! Great morning we had!

It is quite a nice size orchard. Do you see the huge dragon fly in the picture below?

The children LOVED it.
Finally I cooked quinoa. It was yummy. The girls did not care much for it. I expected it. It is rare they like something the first time they eat it. However, they are now loving mussels and sardines. I did not photograph the sardines can that I opened after, but the mussels and the quinoa I did. The mussels were on sale for only a bit over a dollar. We brought four packages. They only have to be boiled in the bag, and I cut onion, green pepper and tomato, spray some olive oil, add a touch of salt and lemon, and they are quite tasty if you ask me.

The quinoa was cooked, and I sauteed three ripe tomatoes, garlic and onion, added the quinoa, some cheddar cheese, and the fresh basil. The recipe is a bit tweaked from Healthy Mamma. I have tried a few things and I have more in mind. Her recipes strike me as simple, tasty, and healthy. (I forgot to buy lots of garlic, I have to bake garlic like she did, in a muffin tin.)

My quinoa was more wet than the original recipe. But it was tasty.
My husband loves mussels. This is the beginning of a father's day weekend celebration.

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Lisa said...

Oh, Silvia..your food looks absolutely delicious!! What time is dinner? ;)
Much love to you, dear friend! :)

Sarah said...

What a wonderful day out. We love orchards too! Quinoa is a delicious grain, I made lovely veggie and quinoa patties that were a real hit with my kids. Your food looks scrumptious!

Silvia said...

I would love that recipe, Sarah. And Lisa, anytime! I would love to join your tea times, and have you over at anytime, any day.



Charlotte Mason in the City said...

I would love to go to a farm like this and pick fruit. I know there are places around, but we haven't ventured to them yet.

My kids didn't like quinoa at first either. (It's still not their favorite.)

Silvia said...

:) We have the orchards, you have Shakespeare!
Yes, it takes a few tries of a new dish to be liked, and some are never, like you say, favorites.



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