Coming Apart

A very satisfying book to read. Charles Murray introduces us to the concept of classes, a new (and at risk of being in a bubble) upper class, and a low class (which deteriorates the social capital of America). He then explains how the problems and threats to the American Project reside in this class breakage, not race, ethnicity, or gender.

In order to defend his tenets he contributes ample statistics that instead of being just data and numbers, come to live in a well constructed narrative. His research is oriented to explore the four founding principles that are at stake today and that were the pillars of the American Project: marriage, faith, vocation, integrity.

After all his research and explanation of all those numbers and graphs, it comes the rewarding part, his conclusions. Based on the changes and challenges to those four principles, and how we see upper class America and low class America regard them and are either sticking to them or abandoning them over time, he then leaves us with a foresee of our future as a nation, and calls us to do our part to keep this country and exceptional country in which we always cooperate, associate, innovate, work, have faith, live with integrity, respect and nurture our family life, and see ourselves as 'middle class' in the sense that we do not regard ourselves as more than our neighbor.

He also appeals to politicians regardless of their political orientation, to pay attention to these four aspects of the American Project that, according to Murray, should be taken care of if we all want to keep our freedom never abandoning our responsibilities.

I highly recommend this book. 

I received the book from Blogging for Books in exchange of my personal review.

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