My girls missed one of their art classes, and their cool art teacher gave me the paper and electric tape for us to do their Mondrian art at home. She wants to have these paintings for her second art exhibit. That was perfect, because I LOVE doing this sort of thing at home!

 Modern art it may not be as beautiful to look at as classic paintings, but it is to me very attractive and conducive to recreate with children.

At the Museo del Prado, this past January, my husband and I were elated to be able to be immersed in a room with almost real size portraits of Russian monarchy. We had the pleasure to see The Hermitage Exhibition. In addition, most of this museum is devoted to classic art, we have other museums where the modern and contemporary artists are presented to the public. I understand many defend classic art to be the first and foremost placed in front of children eyes for their appreciation, but I simply find a place for more contemporary and less 'obvious' art in me and my girls. With something as wonderful as art in all its times, forms, and expressions... how do you all do to decide what artists to portray and what art to delve in? Do you stick more to classic or realistic art? Or do you explore any abstract, cubist, or even conceptual art at all?

I remember when I was a girl I was fascinated about a book from the Museo del Prado that my dad got as a present published by a forgotten sponsor. I could spend hours contemplating the pictures in it. I will never forget how frightening Saturn devouring his child was, by Goya. The still nature pictures, or the eyes of the Meninas in Velazquez works. Later in life, thanks to a couple of art class where they did not drilled us to death with identifying and memorizing different pictures and their artists, I continued appreciating different artists and art.

As many Spaniards, I was in love with Picasso, for Dalí I had irrational fascination, and for Magritte obsession. Through my friend Shang, I discovered conceptual art. She still has exhibits in Taiwan at the same time she teaches at the university. Here in Houston I miss the museum Reina Sofía, in Madrid. Many years ago I could visit a fascinating exhibition about surrealism, with a replica of a room such as the way several artists had it in the early twentieth century. I confess that when it comes to art, I can´t choose between old or older, and new or contemporary, as with food taste, my spectrum is very wide, I jump to all there is out there to be tried and tasted!

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Ellen said...

Wonderful post, Silvia! I love the girls' artwork. I have to admit that I don't have a full appreciation for modern art; I prefer the typical "classics." It resonates more with me. Also, modern art tends to require more engagement, more contemplation, more WORK (at least for me), if you know what I mean. Perhaps I'm not a complex enough person to put in the mental and emotional commitment needed to connect with modern art!

Then again, perhaps that would be a good exercise for growth for me.

Silvia said...

I believe it has much to do with personality, and I still hold to the thought that there is more value in the typical "classics", maybe because it 'seems' so. But for example, I discovered that Mondrian painted until he got blisters in his hands, that it was painful for him to get those lines. They are not done with electric tape, they are done by strokes that if you see the originals, you can appreciate. He is the first one to present to us primary colors and white space in a perfect and harmonious arrangement. He could have painted like the classics, he opted for this route because to him, it has to be explored. A lot of modern art is more than the value of art, the meaning of a protest, experimentation, and to a degree, more self centered in the life and culture around the artist. That is why after Mondrian, to paint like him, to me, has no value. But there is some appeal in it to me, and the effort, yes, it has to be done, (you do not think you have to do it with classic art?) but you can also let it rock you without much effort, the same as with classic art. So I come back to the beginning. It is a matter of personality and that which speaks to you.

Sarah said...

Love your set up here, I love art days and I can't wait until we actually have a room where all things arty can be done! xxx

Silvia said...

I know! To have a room for art is nice. We do this at the kitchen table, underneath there is tile. And it really does not take much for us to get the art supplies out and do whatever that day we feel like doing!

Hugs, friend.


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