Alexander Calder

Inspired by my friend Pilar, we saw Alexander Calder's Circus and we looked for some books about him and found Sandy's Circus: A Story About Alexander Calder.

After watching the circus and reading the book, since I have this strange impulse to collect bread wires, we got those colorful ones out and some sturdier wire, a paire of pliers, and this is what the girls did.

Little Bean is holding this doll with a wire and making her twirl.
I helped Blue Heart with the thick wire, twisting it the way she told me. Her lion's face was her own idea.

My bright friend and amazing girls art teacher, thought about choosing Calder but she ended up picking Mondrian for this trimester when the children are learning about a nice variety of artists in class.


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Gina Roldan said...

This is such a great idea!


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