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This is what I'm about in terms of readings of lately,

* Spanish Bible: Reina-Valera: I'm almost finished with a one whole reading, but I don't mind the fact that I have slowed down. This year my goal is to keep reading it with DeHoff's help, and we three are totally immersed in our Voss The Child's Story Bible which, in my opinion, is perfect for adolescents and even grown ups when you are teaching. No twaddle, and it contains verses sometimes word for word. It simply articulates the story a tidy bit, enough to get continuity and a frame of reference. First we read the verses of the Bible suggested in our curriculum at church, which is a simple yet useful booklet. The suggested verses are few but carefully picked to give you a good schema of the story or account. We use our KJ, or NKJ. I could get into details of why I use those versions but I won't now. If you are curious, ask me. All translations are not equal, and though I have other translations and I sometimes read from them, the KJ and NKJ and in Spanish the Reina Valera 1960 are our first choice.

* Used an Rare: my friend Heather recommended me this book, and it's such a lovely read. A couple's quest into the used books stores, and their drivings and findings of classic books and nice and rare editions of those titles and most specially, of the memories they collected together over the years.

* The Founders' Key: passionately and cleverly written book by Larry P. Arnn, the president of the Hillsdale College, that is also offering a free course on the Constitution.

* School Education, Volume 3 of Charlotte Mason Series: by myself and understanding it after years of reading her on and off, and much about what others have written about her, I'm enjoying her style and timeless wisdom.

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...they call me mommy... said...

Used and Rare sounds neat! Adding it my HUGE to-read-some-day list! Thanks, Silvia!

Silvia said...

I also have a HUGE to read, and your blog and other sweet blogs are surely a great reference for anytime my reading rabbit trail ends. LOL. I do not even pin them or write them, I follow the current of today, and if it gets dry, I take a peek at your blog, Karen Glass, Willa, or see what my friend Maria, in Spain is reading, or Nancy, or Stephanie... you see, many great friends and their picks are usually books I like.

That Used and Rare makes you laugh from the first page... it talks about people who cherish books, and about books, some I have read, many not, and it leaves me wanting to read them as well.

Once I finish, I can mail it to you. I will remember, I will write a note and place it at the end of the book. I will ask you for your address in private.


Charlotte Mason in the City said...

Used and Rare sounds like a book I would love! I'm putting it on my To-Read list right now!
Like you, I love the KJV, but I also enjoy another version (The New English Bible) for various reasons. I recently wrote about this for our church's newsletter. I find the topic of Bible translations very interesting.
Happy reading to you!

Silvia said...

Oh, I have never seen that New English Bible translation. I know what you mean, my love for the KJV, and specially for its counterpart Reina Valera, does not imply it is the ONLY Bible, actually, reading different translations of important passages, give you much more depth and understanding of the Gospel.
However, as a woman who has translated some Charlotte Mason originals, and a reader of different translations of the Bible, some, as soon as I open them, stand out as being paraphrases and opinions more than translations. Translations don't distort the message, simply convey it in another language. Other 'translations' explicitly and/or implicitly consider the Bible a changing text that has to be expressed in 'modern' terms, thus they 'translate' it into what they 'think' it says instead of going to the original texts to be loyal to them. Even for CM I don't read the modern English alone or first, it can be a second choice, but once you can read the originals and understand them, why go to the modern translation? But the Bible is different, many translations and different Bibles in different languages, specially the original texts, are worth to be read. Even when we read it in English or Spanish, going to the original languages for some particular words such as paideia, philadelphia... they become part of our knowledge and enhance our understanding of the word LOVE, for example.
You'd love Used and Rare. It's a book for book lovers.

Sarah said...

Yes I dabble in and out of Miss Masons teachings, I really need to read through her whole series. How are you going with maths with your girls? xxx

Silvia said...

Sarah... that's my goal too, for now, I'm simply walking slowly but surely through her School Education, I'm familiar with most of Home Education -gulp, not that I have applied all that it's to be taken from it- and now I'm curious about Ourselves, and, of course, A Philosophy of Education. The others come next, but I don't know by what decade of my life I would have read them all, with the rest of the nice distractions and detours I have waiting, LOL.

You sweet friend, thanks for asking about the maths. I have a post pending, but not to make you wait or bore you with it, I'd say we have new wings. We had to, for now, drop MEP as we knew it, with worksheets and such, but our math is much better... games, lessons based on talking about what we do, drawing and using stories for math, and Life of Fred and other living math titles... everything oral and through literature and drawings, and real life, but with some deliberation and planning on my side, seems to be working wonders with my oldest specially. Number 2 is only 5, but I know anything will work with her, but now that we had to take this course with number 1, I bet you she'll learn heaps as well, and maybe do worksheets for fun, ha! (At one point I don't mind bringing some papers for number 1 to go through and be familiar with, but now it's not our main focus, my goal is more to lift up her spirits and do not let her think as she started to do, that she hated math).

Sarah said...

That's wonderful Sylvia that you are able to mix and match to suit your child's learning needs. That is the benefits of home schooling. When my son is learning a new concept he begins to struggle and despise maths, but then after we persist and he learns the new concept he really enjoys it. I think that goes with everything, once we understand what we are learning we begin to really enjoy it. Thank you for dropping by my blog, no need to be sad about our B&B/house, we are very excited about hos God is leading & guiding us and we are very happy to be moving on. God bless! xxx

Silvia said...

Yes, that is totally true of my oldest too. And I kept reading your blog after the comment, and now I see that you see that sale as a blessing.

Hugs, friend.


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