Paddle to the Sea

This week, as we were reading chapter 19 of Paddle to the Sea , I thought about making a silhouette of a canoe and a second one for Paddle in a piece of cardboard from those writing pads we have, and the girls loved making their Paddles while they listened to the story.

After Blue Heart wanted to do a Santa, and Little Bean, her little sister joined, and they both made a Santa with his sleight and toy sack.

A week after this, they worked on backgrounds for Paddle to be able to navigate. This was after reading chapter 20, when he is found by a girl on a motorboat. We heard about Lake Huron being frozen, and about canoes made of birch trees. Our last Parables from Nature reading had a birch tree and other kinds, and our story of Snow White and Rose Read told us about the gnomes staying underground in the winter when it was frozen, and coming back to the woods in the spring.
 I made an incision with a cutter for Paddle to be able to move through the waters.

At home, it's a fact that the girls listen best if their hands are busy. These days I'm sure I wait for them at the table with such a simple thing as this, they truly appreciate it.

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...they call me mommy... said...

We LOVE Paddle! :) We made a little clay canoe (which is now broken...figures) last term and used it to follow the path on our map. I just finished this book up with my son as we were catching up after our new baby break! :)

Love your girl's Paddle drawings and figures! :)

Silvia said...

I've been seen pics of lovely Phoebe! Yes, it's a neat idea to make a canoe, clay or cardboard. I give the girls anything and they truly turn it into a nice drawing, they are now drawing as I'm checking my email and watching Hellen Keller the black and white version we did not watch.

Z said...

Y esta mañana te estaba pensando por esto mismo, ja!...que increíiiiible... siempre igual! me cruzó preguntarte si a la chiquita le gustaba la historia , así iba probando con Ty y por ahí Zoe se pegaba porque a ella no le atrajo tanto, y hace rato lo dejamos ahi perdido al librito (el tema que ella o escucha o hace, las dos cosas a la vez no, jeje)...y como quiero ir trabajando algo con Ty, este libro me pareció muy lindo, para ir haciendo la canoa y jugando con los paisajes y a ver que más...y atraemos la mosca a la miel..jejejje
Estan muuuy tiernos los dibujitos de las nenas, muy lindo trabajo...

Silvia said...

Pichi pichá, no les gustó mucho desde el principio, pero con el tiempo se han familiarizado con Paddle, y les gusta dibujarlo y moverlo en el agua y pues como sólo leo una página que es cada capitulito cada semana o cada dos, va creciendo un poco en ellas, pero ha habido capítulos que sí les han llegado más, como cuando el amigo del que le manda a Paddle se piensa que le manda un indio de verdad, ja ja ja.

Silvia said...

A mí me hizo mucha ilusión porque el otro día en la pradera, nos pusieron un vídeo de las mariposas monarcas que hibernan en los árboles de Canadá, del lago Eerie!!!! Son cositas que no sé si les quedarán de mayores o no, pero a mí me están educando... creo que leerlo espaciado y poquito es clave.

Z said...

Si, tenes razon , a ver si mas espaciado les atrae parece que me habia entusiasmado mucho yo.
Pero mira como lo tendrian de olvidado que ahora no lo encuentro por ningun lado!jajaj

Charlotte Mason in the City said...

I love your Paddle project! Super cool.
Paddle-to-the-Sea is my favorite of the Holling books, though Pagoo was a fun read, too.
Have you seen the Paddle movie? It's available free online, though I don't have the link handy. It might be fun for your girls to watch after reading the book.

Silvia said...

Thanks for the reminder... yes, I can't wait to see the movie after we finish the book. I'm looking forward to Pagoo as well, and I got a deal on a book called Water People that looks great too,


Grace'n'Chaos said...

Very sweet project Silvia. We haven't read Paddle but loved Tree in the Trail and plan on having Pagoo in our list for next year. I'll have to set Paddle out too ; )

Silvia said...

LOL, laughing because you call this project. It was one minute or two to do the contours and get the markers... next week it was another, OK, five minutes, to get the paint and card stock paper for the background!


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