The Kingdoms, Mathemagic, and Hellen Keller

At school when I taught first grade, we teachers used to spend a week 'teaching' about the five senses, another week devoted to the three kingdoms, making children write sentences and glue pictures that represented either group of senses or that were part of the three kingdoms. And we still complained that many did not 'get it'.

No wonder they could not get that small morsel in that bed of chaff. Those busy work days and insipid activities are now part of the past!

As we read The Kingdoms from the Fifty Famous Stories Retold, my girls now will never forget the three (maybe four) kingdoms we have. The vegetable, mineral, animal, and the heavenly kingdom, and realize that we also call kingdom to the subjects and land a lord or king possesses.

As for the five senses, reading our Mathemagic book, the story of each number, we read about the kingdoms again when we read about number three because it also symbolizes the three kingdoms. As we read about number five, which is a very interesting number since it represents marriage for the older civilizations, the union of the first odd number, three, in the old times one was not considered the first odd number, and two, the first even number. With three being male and two female, number five represents marriage, and it also stands for the five senses. At that time, after we just read about which were the five senses, I asked the girls if they remembered the play we saw of Hellen Keller and if they knew which of the five senses Hellen Keller had and which not. Then we had the rest of the day to play in our patio and explore those five senses smelling the food and flowers and herbs we have, hearing the birds that are chirping non stop, tasting the food we prepared together, looking at nature blooming in the spring, and touching while we play and work in the garden.

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anastasia @ healthymamainfo said...

I do bilingual preschool homeschool with my oldest and am also amazed how much he can learn in a single setting! This would never be possible in a classroom.

Silvia said...

Thanks for your comment, anastasia. I love your blog, I've subscribed to it already!

Yes, the type of personalized education we can deliver, it's something not easily achievable in many schools today.


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