Italo Calvino

If on a Winter's Night a Traveler... I saw this book at my friend María's blog, and curiosity took hold of me. Once I opened the book I couldn't stop reading it. I had to pause other readings to finish this novel. .

There were numerous occasions in which Italo Calvino grabbed me with a magnetic forced. I don't know if I can say that Italo is more of a reader than a writer, because his love for reading makes him write books that seduce those who are incurable readers with his personal charm. I have never read anything similar... or have I?
In truth, I don't read postmodern literature, well, I have read more than I'd like to admit, but I'm not proud about it, I prefer to ignore and bury those titles in forgetful lands. To me, postmodern literature is dirty and sticky, it does not enrich or fulfill me at all. It's like being drunk, and after several hangovers, I now don't drink, literally and figuratively speaking.

Even if Italo is a postmodern author, his elegance and exquisite taste scratch his text from the allusions and exacerbation thought for an audience with callous stomachs. With that I mean those readers to whom, as long as the message and plot fills them up, they are otherwise oblivious to forms and etiquette.

I do not criticize postmodern authors or their readers, even such a superb creation as Hamlet is told to be postmodern, because the criteria for what is or is not postmodern is fallible and flexible, and many authors and their work could fit there. But since this is a personal review, as such I share that language rape present in acclaimed postmodern authors, and in many authors in general, leaves me battered down and with no more will to read. As my friend María said, it feels like being enveloped in mud and without a simple cloth to wipe your eyes. I prefer to live like Ludmilla, and read, read, to know what happens If on a Winter's Night a Traveler... 

Now I'm reading Why Read The Classics? I already enjoyed his ten criteria that makes a classic a classic. Pick any of these two books up, they are seriously worth it!

3 opinion(s):

Jeanne said...

I love Why Read the Classics too.

Books For Breakfast said...

Midsummer Night is now on my wishlist. Thanks!

Silvia said...

I know you read postmodern literature. Was I too harsh on it? The explicit S_X references and bad words is something I can't stomach! LOL. I'm a prude!


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