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We finished reading Peter Pan. Hmmm, did we like it? It was well worth reading, for once, I was familiar with some parts of it through the popular Disney version, but I don't even remember having seen the end of it, thus the final chapter was quite a surprise to me. I felt much more enthusiastic about the first third of the book than the middle, though. The humor and digressions while in Neverland was not always caught by my daughters, but I'm surely excited about a second round of the book in two years.

Peter Pan captivated the girls several times, and once my youngest said she did not want to ever go to Neverland because there are no moms there. I'm asking my oldest and she says that some parts of Neverland were boring, but she likes all that had to do with the house. My girls are domestic, it may be the case boys think differently about their favorite parts. The fact that Tinker drank the poisoned cup to save Peter's life and that chapter was also a favorite, and they were surprised to to hear about Jane.

When I heard that reading several books, some 'school books' and the 'free readings', connections and ideas will spring and flow from ourselves and the children, I did not quite understand least believe it could happen. But it does. Several times in the year this has been the case. Last one was with Peter Pan, when the pirates were fighting, they lost because they did not stayed together, they did only think about themselves. That same day we read the parable of the lion and the bullocks, and when the bullocks quarreled, it was when the lion could attack them and succeed. Union makes the strength. That was one of the two sentences I picked for my oldest to write this week as well.

We read this book in Spanish, and the last third we listened to a wonderful audio version, read by Vanessa Maroney , that we checked out from the library. The English names of the children are different, and we were a bit confused about who was who, though.

Today we started reading The King of the Golden River. Wonderful start. We stopped at the scene when someone is knocking on the door. I left you with the free link, but four years ago BK (before kindle), as I started to prepare for our first year using ambleside, I simply printed it since it's a short book.

This leaves us with just two more free reading from the list graciously supplied by ambleside for those in year one, and that will be The Red Fairy Book, fairy tales compiled by Andrew Lang, and Pocahontas, by D'Aulaire. This is their list. Frankly, if we read these two more books, great, if not, great as well. The list of books is so rich, that if you only read one... well, a couple, in that list, that will be surely much gain.


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Ellen said...

Silvia, we really enjoyed both King of the Golden River and Pocahontas a few years ago! I hope you and your girls do, too. :-)


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