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Sometimes the answer to a problem is so close we don't even see it, or we don't really want to see it. We homeschool not to worry that much about grade levels, tests, grades in general, but to respect and nurture our children readiness to learn, to grow with them no matter how early or late those milestones come, as long as effort and consistency are being shown. All to end up caught up in a hamster wheel so embarrassingly early.

In that perfect world, my oldest, seven since the end of September 2011, should be around lesson 110 of book 1b of MEP, week 22, the same week of school we are at. And once we finish our third term at week 36 she'd ideally be done with MEP level 1, books 1a and 1b. And that is where she is, on lesson 108, but it is not easy, it is all a challenge. I'm the one filling those papers more than her, pulling her teeth to get the answers and helping out to fill the worksheets. None of the problems that should be done independently she can do on her own, yet, let alone cheerfully.

As of today, I've decided, thanks to Sarah, who answered my question about how she does with MEP with her children, that I'll be reprinting 1a, and still I'll continue teaching some moments at that challenge learning level. But I want her to have success, feel she is on top, enjoy her math problems, and I believe if I reprint 1a it will be the case. I will let you know how this works.

We also continue with Life of Fred, which she loves, and we are finally and truthfully playing math card games, reading math books, and enjoying math.

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Jeanne said...

Yay. Sarah is one of my dear friends IRL! I too held Jemimah back last term and did a term of SCM'S Business Maths. Now that she is back into MEP she is much happier, and finding it easier. It is the extra few months maturity, I think.

Silvia said...

Oh, Jeanne, I saw what you did with SCM business... that's not holding her back, woman, that's simply a break in an advanced math student!

Your girl was doing level 2 at seven, my girl may not be in level 2 at eight. (But I read your blog, I know you relate to what I'm talking about.. and yes, in all areas a few months help much with maturity.)

I have advised this to many and never done it myself, ha! I always say to go slowly if needed, and I was looking for different curriculum in the hope my sweet girl could be in something not just 1st, but maybe 2nd... while MEP is a wonderful program, and I should truly not care like Sarah says, if it's level or grade 1, 2, or 3, but just teach and practice, and have her work simply at her learning level, not always pushing her to be at the level I think she ought to be by now.

Thanks for stopping by!

Jeanne said...

I think the other thing to remember with MEP is that as a spiral programme it is not important for your daughter to understand things the first time it is introduced. If she understands the main topic for the lesson ( from the scope and sequence page), then that is all you're asking for.

Silvia said...

First, THANKS A LOT for helping me out with this. It is so trivial, yet it matters me so much. This is what I see. I know she gets the main topic, as you say, but to me, that she can't work fluidly on the independent parts of the lessons is not working but it's only producing frustration.

I want for her to have it at least for some time, 'easy breezy lemon squeezy' as children say. I may look into starting 2a next school year, but now I want her to have fun with her review of 1a. I'm not printing the copy masters, though. While she understands the concepts, she can't, for example, keep up with those things that deal with two or three things at a time, say, color according to the sums being two or one digit, odd or even. She knows odd and even, she knows one digit or two, she does the sums, with some patience, but what's the point if I have to support her that much. And passing by the pages with the together part of the lesson and none of the independent, does not seem to be solidly going through an understanding of math concepts? This will be sort of our break, like what you did with J. in a different way.
I meant to say that for me it was freeing to stop thinking grade level like, even when that means we are below. (I admit is easier when you don't worry and it happens they are ahead, ha ha ha.)

Jeanne said...

What lesson did you start having problems with, do you think? I'd like to look back at them if you don't mind.

covnitkepr1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
covnitkepr1 said...

I’ve been following and enjoying your blog for a while now and would like to invite you to visit and perhaps follow me back. Sorry I took so long for the invitation.

Silvia said...

You are so sweet!
Before the calendar lessons (those she can do), by the late 80's, 87, etc, in the 90's, and surely after that, in lesson 96, that starts with numbers over ten.

From the time she was 5 to the time she was 6 she did all the lessons in book 1a, but at the end she was not doing it happy or independently. We took a break, last summer we started her AO year 1, and before our vacation in late November, math was not going good. She had a better time when we did calendar, and now we are doing time while I finish printing book 1a. I think it would have been better if last summer we had started with book 1a, by now we'll be maybe not in 1b, but close. We may not do it all, but we may go faster IF, ONLY IF, I see she can do well with that.
Now with girl number 2, who is five, instead of starting on a different program which I had when the oldest was this age (I used Saxon for a while), I will simply start with Reception mep and go as fast or slow as she requires.
But your ideas are welcome. You make us feel very special that you are taking your time to give us your input. Thank you Jeanne, I know time is precious and I appreciate your attentions.

Ah, Dickens... Jemimmah will love him.

Silvia said...

I'm following you now too. Thanks for the invite.


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