Of Kindles and Friendship

My talented friend, Ellen, has a gift with her hands, and she can bring your dreams come true. Mine this time was to make my kindle a bit more spunky, vibrant, and pretty. The perfect excuse to get something created by her. I have a Kindle, Wi-Fi, 6", the one that it's a plain e-reader no fuss no bells. This is a 3rd generation Kindle, and all I know it's that the previous two generations have a funky shape, this was the liposuction model that came with a flat belly and slim body plus a drop in price. I love my poor kindle, she is always destined to come so short when we compare it to books, that's why of late, I simply accept her as she is, and thanks to Ellen, I now hug her more often, :)

I needed to make the Kindle sturdier, when I see others handling it naked, I sweat like Monk, so at the time I got it I was sure to order a nice cover. I chose this red cover, but after one year the hinges were peeling off, though the cover was still in good condition. I wanted to keep the kindle in the inside cover, and get rid of the vertical flap, and Ellen was to sew a cover for the cover.
Her cozy shop is called TOTE-ALLY BLESSED, and that's how I feel having her as my friend.

8 opinion(s):

Jeanne said...

The fabric is gorgeous!

Marvan said...

it's lovely!!!! Mine is all black ;(

Silvia said...

You bought a Kindle? I did not know that!

Ellen said...

Oh my word, I LOVE that Kindle cover! She really is a gifted lady. And I also loved your reference to Monk! :-)

Marvan said...

Well, it's not a Kindle, I juts pretend it is LOL. It's a "simple" e-book reader ;).

Silvia said...

The kindle is just an e-book reader as well! :)

Silvia said...

:))) ha ha ha, I'm like Monk for that, and unmatched socks, lost puzzle pieces or game pieces, and for something strange, I want to jump at restaurants when I see parents cutting the food of young children who can use their cutlery, as well as children or youngsters using ipads, phones, video games while eating, or people in general holding a fork like a spear when cutting steak! ha!

Charlotte Mason in the City said...

Cute, cute, cute!


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