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At one of my yahoo lists someone shared this website that has, among other things, an experiment per month you can subscribe to. You can also see older experiments. Click on each picture with the experiment to make them bigger and easier to read.

We started doing more of these simple experiments before we left on vacation, and it's definitely something I want to keep up doing with the girls. We have a couple of simple books I like and we have not exhausted them yet. I know that soon there will be books in the Ambleside selection that will include experiments according to what it is being studied, I also know that the Apologia books are full of experiments and activities that one can't literally not exhaust in the most effective schedule.

Those of you who know me are aware that I believe we don't need ANY busy work to learn. I know the power of natural science in the early years versus the artificial learning of names and data of animals and plants that children have not even seen. But an experiment or a project here and there for my girls ages is relevant. Maybe you do more with older children. I believe this to be a great opportunity for questions, observation, and sharing a good time. From my teaching times I remember the frustration of being twenty something students and a teacher, and having to mainly look and wait for a minimal chance to have a turn at 'touching' something, while at home the girls have the chance to do the whole experiment themselves if they want. If your children go to school, some of these experiments maybe fun for after school hours, holidays, or summer vacation. I also don't have to tell you that you can IGNORE this post instead of spending or wasting your time on the Internet. :)) Many daily activities in our homes have their share of science exploration!

All the new resources are being added to my resources website.

2 opinion(s):

lizabeth said...

Thanks, Silvia! I just subscribed.

lisa said...

Another treasure! Thanks, dear friend!


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