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A few months ago I wrote about Theophilous, a Bible software that helps you to study the Scriptures. I thought I had found my tool to help me do more consistent study of the Scriptures. But I used it just for a few days and I went back to simply reading the Bible at night... or early in the morning... it's cozy. I enjoy a plain reading of the Bible, even though I know and understand that those readings are not a Bible study and I desire to get there, to do more than mere reading. I want to grow to the point of diligent study, for when I do study it is easier to make choices, things get clearer, life is best if/when I pray, when I meditate, when I study, when I worship intentionally, when I prepare for the several classes and studies we receive, and for the girls.

We are blessed to have Bible studies being offered at my congregation on Wednesdays and Sunday mornings, and I attend them both, or only one of them if  I happen to be teaching that quarter. We also have a monthly men and women Bible study, and for all of those we are given the materials or readings prior to the class, so we can study either books of the Bible, or topics, depends on what it's picked. With the girls I learn as I teach and that has enriched my Bible study, specially since we started using their curriculum at church in combination with The Child's Story Bible by Catherine Vos. But still I was looking for something to aid me do my own studies. Something that preferably kept me away from the computer for commodity purposes, and which could enhance my understanding of the Bible, specially the daily readings I do on my own.


I'm sure many of you know this, but I found it recently at my mother in law's house. She has this book, DEHOFF'S BIBLE HANDBOOK, by George w. DeHoff, and it is just what I needed. It has a concise yet very rich synopsis of every book of the Bible divided into the pertinent chapters, it gives you the background, history, it shows you the maps, the specific information and all I at least need to tackle each book and later start researching or reading in even more detail. I can even see this book as very useful for older children and Bible teachers.

In addition to this handbook, I got several of these Tolle Booklets, which do studies on topics or specific books. So far I've read the Christian Graces booklet and I need more rounds with it. It's very inspiring and it keeps you rooted in Him for the whole time you are reading it. 

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Grace'n'Chaos said...

Hi Silvia, It's been nice to see your posts lately. Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and I'm glad you're back : D

Pam... said...

It's so nice when we find the thing that clicks for our unique situations. I love it when that happens. Just some small tweak that helps us grow in God.

There's no reason we shouldn't be creative and diligent about making our time with our Lord fresh and inviting. It is so worth it. For some, it's a new study group, or devotional book, or reference tool; for another it's a quiet spot with our 'stuff', or accountability, or a certain time frame. Whatever works! Thanks for sharing, Silvia. And welcome back.

Silvia said...

Same to you Jenny!

You are right, Pam, it's different for everyone but so nice when it happens.


Ellen said...

The Dehoff's sounds like what I've needed for a while now. Thanks for the recommendation!

Enjoy a peaceful and blessed Christmas, Silvia!


Silvia said...

It's a very useful tool for you and the girls. You will not regret the purchase. It has truly rekindle my love to study Scriptures, it's that good. DeHoff has a profound love and knowledge of the Word that makes the Bible come alive. He has an extraordinary ability to juggle history, geography, Bible verses, and all in context.

Happy Christmas my friend.


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