One thing we are doing these days it's playing these games:


CONNECT FOUR (Our friend gave us a travel compact version of it we love)

DOMINOES (Mexican Train)

MASTER MIND (The old one that my dh had and I too. He kept his box and the girls love it)

And I'm looking at games from Thinkfun, such as this chocolate puzzle game that can be played by one person, in case someone asks for ideas to give the girls on their birthdays or other occasions. I have seen one from this company with princesses and a tower and a knight, and they are wonderful. Do you have any games you recommend from this or other companies?

And the girls play by themselves with Playmobils they have been gifted with, and when we visited the Playmobil Fun Park, we got  the hospital set for our littlest, Green Been , and a small Princess set for Blue Heart.


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Marvan said...

Oh no!!!!! You went to the playmobil fun Park!!!! I supose you loved it!!!

We also love those smartgames and thinkfun games. We have quite a few.
- Hoppers:
- oops:
- One of the GoGetters:
And Roadblock:

Actually I love them ALL hahaha. We don't have the cake game, but I have played with it and it is also great.
They are perfect to put in a box jejeje, but also to take to the docters or any place where you have to wait and keep the kids busy ;)

Hope Santa gives you one ;)

Marvan said...

By the way, forgot: Block by block is also great fun.
As I said, they all are, but these are the ones I know.

Silvia said...

Marvan, the girls LOOOOVED the visit to Playmobil. It seems they have become playmobil fans in a record time. With my in laws neighbor that gave them such a great starter collection, they are crazy about them.
As for the games... I should have GUESSED you have several think fun and other nice games. Thanks for typing the links, I'll add them to the post for other readers. I'll have them in our list and I'll be getting one once in a while to expand our game collection.

Hugs, Marvan! (I'm getting close to seeing those Martina books my sis got for me from that Belgium illustrator).

Marvan said...

Enjoy the rest of your trip!
I'll be "disappearing" soon too.

dawn said...

We love Qwirkle, Blokus, SET, Quoridor, and Uno. Those are the most-played right now.

Sarah said...

One of the best ways to spend holidays, playing cards and board games. My kids have gone mad on monopoly. xxx

lisa said...

I have awarded you the Liebster Bog Award.
Please check out my latest blog post for all the details. :)

Silvia said...

Thanks Dawn, Sarah, and Lisa. I'm going to check those games, Dawn, for I don't know them. And Monopoly... we have one here but we have not tried it yet.

Thanks for the award, Lisa.


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