Thanksgiving Poems and A Story too!

Mystie asked me for Thanksgiving poems. I found and read a few to my girls that I found in my poetry selections, and then I remembered that Ambleside had poems for the different holidays. So now we have some seriously good ammo, Mystie!
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by Nancy Byrd Turner

Peace and Mercy and Jonathan,
And Patience (very small),
Stood by the table giving thanks
The first Thanksgiving of all.
There was very little for them to eat,
Nothing special and nothing sweet;
Only bread and a little broth,
And a bit of fruit (and no tablecloth):
But Peace and Mercy and Jonathan
And Patience, in a row,
Stood up and asked a blessing on
Thanksgiving long ago.
Thankful they were their ship had come
Safely across the sea;
Thankful they were for hearth and home,
And kin and company;
They were glad of broth to go with their bread,
Glad their apples were round and red,
Glad of mayflowers they would bring
Out of the woods again next spring.
So Peace and Mercy and Jonathan,
And Patience (very small),
Stood up gratefully giving thanks
The first Thanksgiving of all.

also by Nancy Byrd Turner

Where we play in field and hill,
Running high and low.
Other Children used to play
Long and long ago.
Little Indians straight and Boys with belt and feather,
Little girls with colored beads,
Playing all together.
Laughing, calling through our yard
(When 'twas field of maize),
Swift and light they used to run,
Back in other days;
Through our garden (once a wood)
In and out again,
Past the house they ran, and back
'Twas a wigwam then.

Sometimes when the air is clear,
On a quiet day,
We can almost hear them still,
Shouting at their play!

Elsie Melchert Fowler

Thanksgiving is coming, I wonder if I
Will get a big piece of brown pumpkin pie?

Perhaps I'll have sweet juicy mince pie instead,
And a big bowl of raisins and fat apples red.

"Do have my plum pudding," my grandma will say;
She always makes pudding for Thanksgiving Day.

But first I'll see turkey, breast up, on a platter,
I wonder if this year he's bigger and fatter?

When asked if I'd rather have dark meat or white
I'll say, "Some of both," for that's being polite!

Next potatoes, all mashed up with gravy on top.
I'll eat every bit of it up till I stop,

And after I've eaten my dinner, why then
My grandma will pass the plum pudding again!

By Judy Van der Veer

Outside the barn the wind is strong
Bringing cold November rain;
Within these walls the hay is sweet,
Bins are filled with yellow grain.

The cows are quiet in their stalls,
The newest calf is sound asleep;
And close together in their pen
Rest the gently breathing sheep.

The mare's big colt is by her side
To share with her the golden hay -
I'm truly thankful, Lord, that these
Are fed and sheltered on this day.

4 opinion(s):

Mystie said...

Thanks, Silvia!

The poem on the first Thanksgiving would be a fun one to read (maybe do parts as copywork) and have the children illustrate. :)

Silvia said...

I didn't think about that, but it's a great idea!

...they call me mommy... said...

I love, love these poems! So neat! Thanks!! :)

Silvia said...

You're welcome, Amy, I read your blog and I'm very excited about your baby... it's getting very close!


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