Simple Experiments

After you pour water in the jar, the penny seems to disappear, but it's still there.

Making simple, quick, and meaningful experiments, only requires TO BE WILLING. I have a couple of simple books for this, one is More Magic Science Tricks, the other one is Prove It!, and I'm sure you all have a book with easy experiments. If not, you can find for sure lots of free websites where to get the ideas from, for me a book works better, it's easier to me to open a book when we are downstairs, the girls look at the pictures and tell me, this one mom!, so that one it is, unless I don't have something for it (which it's rare), in which case I buy it next time at the store.

This experiment is to simply put a penny under a glass jar, look at it from the side. Fill the jar with water, and see how it seems to disappear when looked at from the side. The explanation is that the rays of light when the jar is empty are reflected straight to us, when the water is present, they are deviated to the top, thus we can't see the image of the penny.

I believe that living books and an occasional experiment such as this will make the difference in their science background knowledge in the long run. Do you agree?

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lisa said...

Wonderful, Silvia! We do several Science experiments per week, using the Apologia Science books. :)
Blessings and ((hugs)) to you,

Silvia said...

I've been wanting to get some of those well acclaimed Apologia books, maybe soon. Great for you, we had this department a bit abandoned and I don't know why, the girls enjoy and learn with these.

gotjoy3 said...

This is a department I totally have slacked in. Thanks for the book references, and sharing this.

Silvia said...

Chrissy, you've had a lot on your plate, I got to do this once we declared my home in an official break since we are preparing for the trip.


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