How do you read?

Should we read EVERY SINGLE BOOK in our pile? Make the piles smaller? Read one book at a time? I choose to make a list of my current pile for book contention, since my pile is spread around my home, split between my nightstand, upstairs, downstairs, and Kindle.

Sometimes we don't do this activity or that project in our homeschool and we usually say we don't have time for it. But I challenge that. Whenever I say this, I realize that deep down there I don't seem to have the time for the things I don't see have an intrinsic value to be added or pushed over in the list of things I do consider of interest and importance and consequently, I work to make the latter happen, while I never have 'time' for the other type.

There are some books that are in progress, and I know they'll be read. So let's look at that list.

Books started and never finished (most are Kindle freebies):

  • The Education of our Girls, by Thomas Edward, the same author of The The Making and Unmaking of a Dullard. I may go back to it. I needed space, it was too much on the same topic.
  • Trial and Triumph. Not the one we read at AO, the one free for Kindle if you click on the picture. It's an interesting book, in the line of the previous one. Written by a black woman it gives me much insight in a culture I'm totally ignorant of.
  • Grammar Land. Maybe I did not finish it because it's a book I know I'll read later with the girls. But EXCELLENT it is. I enjoy it. Since these three books are in my Kindle, they will most likely, as the other titles in it, be read in Europe, where I won't take books since I'm coming back with many.
  • The last Thanksgiving book I told you about, Aunt Jo's Scrap-Bag VI An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving. I will read this one. It's not that long.
  • Geometry in Art. I finished this book. I enjoyed it much, it was neat to read it on/in/with (sigh, I don't know which preposition is the right one?) my dh's Ipad.  
  • I'm currently reading Praemortis. It is the second free book from booksneeze. This one an e book. And I have to read a bit everyday or I'll get lost. It's a clean fiction story about a civilization that knows where they will go once they die beforehand. 
  • The Republic. I did not finish it, and unless I read it with someone else, I doubt I'll go back to it for now.
  • Mr Tompkins in Paperback (Canto imprint) (containing Mr. Tompkins in Wonderland and Mr. Tompkins Explores the Atom) No. This I won't finish. 
  • School Education. Did you get your Charlotte Mason complete series on Kindle format? I did. And es, this one will be read. I'm a few chapters down. I don't have any rush, but I plan to give it a read during my vacation, yes.
  • The Bible. I'm in Lamentations. I just finished Jeremiah and I have to surely use my Teophilos program to gain some background after reading it. Without context I get easily lost. Talking to my husband is also great for he knows the history very well. From the time I was pregnant with my seven year old, I've had a Bible in a year reading, but some years I have done worse than others. It's nice to have a print out, it helps me. I forget to highlight the daily portions, and I don't necessarily follow those. When I'm in books like Psalms or Proverbs, I read more than the daily portion, and when I get to the prophets, I always slow down.  I have a plan for next year. I will pick some books, and do some study about their context before hand and after, that way I won't just rely on the studies we have at church, though those help me much.
  • I will like to read some selected lessons from Stopford A. Brooke. Here you have his books for free. And have in mind he was a Unitarian. Without researching more about it, in simple terms this has to do with only believing in God to be God, and Jesus or the Holy Spirit not to be God as we understand them to be One God and Three Persons. Just mentioning this to be aware of it when reading his sermons and writings.

    With the girls:
  • Grandma's Attic Storybook, and More Grandma's Attic Book. We are reading this one. The thing is that since it's a collection of short stories, we have no rush to finish it either, but to simply indulge in the stories.
  • Wayward I was very enthusiastic and enjoyed the book. The girls did not connect so much. I think they are still a bit young for it. It will be read, but not now. 
  • Hickory A very cute story. We'll finish it. I'm realizing how many books about mice and animals we are reading lately. 
  • Molly Fox and Other Stories I never liked much the first story in the sense that... another animal story book? We currently read the Burgess Book of Birds, The Aesop Fables, Hickory, A Nest for Celeste, we had Wayward. But I also realized the other stories are different, not like an animal story with a moral. Don't take me wrong. We love this type of literature, but one can also get a bit foggy. The same with me and reading about education.

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