Charlotte Mason Homeschool Series for Kindle

I have a new button and label or category with a link to download the Charlotte Mason Homeschool Series for your Kindle. At home I still prefer the book, but if you are traveling, they are surely convenient (granted you have a Kindle of sort).

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lisa said...

Dear Silvia,
You never cease to amaze me with all the wonderful info. :)
Blessings, and ((hugs)),

Sarah said...

Cool! We are yet to get kindles or year we will when we will be travelling more! Have a great weekend Silvia! :)

Pam... said...

Sounds awesome. My son's fiance' has a nook. What do you think as far as similarities between Nook and Kindle?

Silvia said...

Sarah, you will enjoy anything you get, it's something great for those who love books. I did not believe it, but it is. The Kindle, original, that it's currently sold for 79 USD, doesn't feel like a gadget. And many of us have a wonderful repertoire with public domain books.

Pam, you won't believe that as I typed this post I thought about you and your corn flakes... I hope I did not sound snobbish. My husband works in the IT department at a public university, that's why we have some technology advantages, like the Ipad, which is at work, and then Internet connection, that's all. And last year in January, my husband got me the Kindle for my fortieth bday.

Comparing... I think all readers are wonderful. At Best Buy (we never go there but went for a laptop for my mother in law), I saw there are less known ones for sixty dollars, now the kindle is 79. I'll pick the cheapest just to have a READER. I think if you are an Amazon person, the Kindle is great, but anything you have for the Kindle, you can get it for a Nook or a Sony. Actually, I may now convert Mason's books to e-Pub.
I think there is a Kindle 'culture', and Pam, it's so amazing how many worthy books you have for it. Books you want to read, and your children too.
If you are getting one as a present, any will do, if you were to buy one, I'd go with the more economic, which is probably the basic Kindle.

Silvia said...

Note: MOBI file is for Kindle, ePub for Sony, all readers can read PDF, which is Adobe, but that's worse, you can't change the size of the font unless is the PROPER FORMAT, you will read it in a fixed screen.

Readers are not good browsers since they are designed to READ. I don't even load books from it, but from the PC, it takes forever to type something.

Ipads, Iphones, and the Kindle Fire are not 'readers', they are more like computers, with lit screens. Ipads are a blast for reading PDF BOOKS or anything from Project Gutemberg, or Baldwin, you get to see pictures in color, and also make the font nice and big, and they are more maneuverable than a laptop or computer, they feel between a reader which is the most bookish, and a laptop, less uncomfortable than a PC.

Pam... said...

My son has an ipad touchscreen(or something like that??). I tried to get to a blogsite once with it and it drove me nuts. The keys are too small.
I've used my other older son's laptop before. I don't care for laptops. Maybe because there's no mouse on his.
Now, I haven't looked into readers, but if you say they could add to my schooling, my interest is peeked. And when you say Librovox, hey. That would be nice since the girls listen to that on our ONLY computer twice a week. Also, I'm an Amazon girl, so I guess that means kindle. The Fire sounds interesting. I may have to look that one up. Is it best to have a back lit screen, or not? Your opinion. Thanks.

Pam... said...

Oh, two more things. The Kindle Fire is something I am showing one of my teens as a better alternative to him buying the ipad or itouch. Not so much for me. (My kids work and make more money than me!)

Also, for the regular Kindle, if I should buy one in the next year or the sound quality good when you use audio books?

Silvia said...

Pam, the Ipad, once you've gotten to a blog, say, you can have it bookmarked, it will become more like our computers where you start typing and it finds it fast.

Laptop is more another computer without mouse. I actually plug a mouse to it sometimes. Since my dh is allowed one for work to keep at home, we use it mainly to watch free shows on hulu, and I like it to play hymns and Livribox, for the visual and audio. It's cumbersome to blog or surf with it if you have a computer, that is. For some it's their computer, they have it more in a nice area with a mouse plugged... you get the picture.

As for the Kindle Fire, it's sort of an Ipad. I haven't played with it, but I know it'll be very sweet for audio, email, browsing, surfing, listening, and yes, reading. The size is nice, not excessively big, but decent big.

As for anything else without color (except the nook color) in the reader category, the ones not lit, they are more like a digital book, a book of books. The feel is that of reading a book. As for the audios. Mmmm.... I have the BB of Birds and we end up using the laptop to hear it. The audio is not very powerful, it's more conducive to plugging earphones and listening by yourself. Also the audio files take up a lot of space. I still have tons, but nope... you have to download them, pass them to the Kindle with the cable, and the kindle is not as fast as the PC to make new folders to storage the book, so that BB of birds had how many 50? 60? files, one per chapter, that's how I had to download them, and then create a folder to storage them and pick them with several punching buttons, not like a mouse pick all click at all. More the cumbersome experience you talk about with the Ipad. But with the Ipad or Kindle fire, you open those audios straight from the source, Librivox, for example, and the audio is more efficient, better for more than a person. But I can see your girls and yourself with a Kindle fire, and it will enhance your school, yes, it's not a leisure (well, you best than anyone know that all we have is not really a necessity), what I mean is, should you be blessed to have some money to devote to your homeschooling, that is a good buy. You know why? Because it helps with a CM education, it does. Looking at prints, to identify things, listening to books and reading others, yes.
A 'normal' Kindle will suit you very much too... the last one is reading my Bible from the Kindle while on the threadmill we got before we had children, when we had two salaries for a while! But I need to rest my soul and pray...I waited two years for the Kindle, and though I checked it to see if the price was cheaper from time to time, I lived happily as I plan to do with what I have.
I simply could open my mouth and get a Kindle fire, but I won't cause I don't need it.

Pam... said...

Thanks a ton. You clarified many things. I appreciate your time and effort! That's what I need; someone who has used it and knows the pros and cons. I can see us getting some form of a reader for school...

I'm a researcher. What can I say? One year I got the kids cheap mp3's ($10) for downloading stories. That choice didn't go over that well though. And they wanted music instead of stories. Go figure. Ear buds are needed for those too; and those are made cheaply. Kids wreak havoc on even good ones.

Just like Pooh..I'm gonna keep 'think, think, thinking' about it all! Hope your family is healthy and well. God bless.

Silvia said...

Pam, I'll get some different audio and try it again normal and with ear buds, and tell you how well the audios work on the normal kindle.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I am desperately trying to download the Charlotte Mason Homeschool Series for my Kindle. It says Page not found. Please can you help me! Or if possible, please email it to me at

I'd really really appreciate your help!!!

God Bless,


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