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Go to blog if you want to see the slideshow! Thanks.

I'm fortunate beyond words to have Lizabeth amoung (little joke) my friends. She is an artistic person, so generous with kids and their moms, and with talent for creating. She also knows and nurtures the art of friendship. She started classes in September with a group of eight children and her lovely daughter, and today she delighted the families with this art exhibit. When we walked into her home, it was a poetic experience, with the colors from the display, the nice food to share. We enjoyed the morning. Thanks Lizabeth for doing this, and for still wanting to keep it up!, the art, and the classes :)

Note: you are right, friend, your home walls and light make it for difficult pictures, but I've cheated, I've used corel to edit them a bit, just a light touch. I enjoy where you put everything, the black and white creations by your beautiful red vase... very nice. Ah, your sweet mil told me, when I asked her for advice on raising children, that she said to all three to do something they loved doing. If you are passionate about something, that should be what you need to devote your time to do. So don't choose careers just because they are well paid, choose to do what you have interest and love for, and the rest will come.

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Charlotte Mason in the City said...

Super cool. I love the artwork, and I especially love how respectfully it was treated. The displays are wonderfully done. (And I agree with the host: I would want to keep the exhibit up too!)

Silvia said...

CM in the City... she is great. The classes did not feel like classes, they shouldn't, the ages of the children were from 4 to 7. The girls always came talking about class, without me asking. And she send us an email to say what they did, that helped us moms to simply talk to them, and we then knew they were 'getting' that art appreciation through book illustrations, and kid friendly practice. It was fun to see them some days when we picked them, still busy with paint and materials, etc. They played after, and moms had some days four hours of free time.
I meant she wants to keep up doing this, but you know, she also told me she did not want to put it down either.

Lizabeth said...

thank you, silvia! so beautiful.


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