The Aboliton of Men: Gardasil

My friend Lizabeth shared this documentary, For The Greater Good, which I believe expires today to be watched for free. It's about vaccination.


Vaccination is a complicated topic. It is an ethical, political, and not just medical issue fueled with everybody's emotions about it.

Every time this comes up in our hs group you hear touchy, real, and founded stories on both sides of the issue. And that's the problem, why do we only have two sides to it? For those pro vaccination is easier to fight all the claims for more information, for research, if they can reduce all the opposition to mean a bunch of crazy moms that blame vaccines for all the problems they have with their otherwise equally sick children. For those against them it is also easy to blame vaccines for all children and many grown up illnesses, and to live in ignorance in regards the possible benefits, or the reason why they even exist in the first place. There has to be more about them than just accepting the status quo about them, or rejecting them with a fury.

This documentary, as the Wall Street protesters, is relevant to the book we are discussing for our book club, The Abolition of Men, so I'll discuss the documentary at unison with some of the points I've learned from reading the last essay of the book.

A mother in the documentary explained very well that there shouldn't just be white and black, either pro or against vaccines. Many parents just want INFORMATION, and the science behind it. Other experts believe it's not in our reach to make an intelligent decision when it comes to vaccines because we don't know the science behind them (that's right, we simply say it should be public, which totally makes them uncomfortable... it's too much to ask them to lower themselves to a 'mother's level').  They state that these matters should be left to them and to them only, in a manifest despondent attitude. Confront that with the wonderful pediatrician who said he has learned to LISTEN TO THE MOTHER because mothers know best. Oh, that surely may be a cavernous idea!

There are cases that appeal to our emotions on both sides. Those who die and could have not died with immunizations, and those who die very seemingly as a consequence of the vaccines. Parents, pediatricians, those affected and others around only want to be heard, they are asking for non compromised information and for alternatives and choices.

I understand that they (I mean the government and developers of vaccines) are mandating them for the greater good, but shouldn't we know what this greater good they mean is? Shouldn't we be able to renounce it as much as to accept the risks involved in it?

For sure, Gardasil and the commercials and pamphlets that our young girls received through TV, media, and that spread an incomplete and false message in their high schools shocked me. These girls required the vaccine under the understanding that they will be one less case of cervical cancer, and that is not the whole truth. And if this is not a clear example of how propaganda can make our youth and us grown ups too, choose something as delicate as a vaccination uninformed and ignorant of the risks, I don't know what it would make us wake up and stand up and react to this.

Again, I'm not saying that vaccines kill, I'm saying that some have died after receiving them, or gotten very ill, or reacted somehow to them. And I'm saying that this is not a crazy idea but a proven fact, vaccines have the potential to cause illness and even death, and we should know this, our doctors should know it, and government or pharmaceutical companies should not keep this from us in the name of the greater good. Let us be the judges and conscious agents of that freedom to decide how to contribute to that greater good, to even decide if that greater good has even been lawfully defined least we are contributing to a greater good which may very well be destroying our humanity in the very name of it.

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lisa said...

"Propaganda." A good word to describe what the government would have us believe about Guardasil.
Thanks for this eye-opening post.

Silvia said...

I'm glad you dared comment, Lisa. I know that many may be thinking vaccines are good, that they save lives, and that's a partial truth. Others believe they are evil, and that's true to some extent too.

What we don't know it's that NOT ALL VACCINES ARE THE SAME. That gardasil was meant to have a four year trial and that it was approved in six months with a group of only 1200 girls to have been tested, it was fastracked. First time a vaccine for children is fsatracked. They don't tell us that yearly OBGYN check ups once a woman is sexually active can equally save you from cervical cancer, or the numerous reports of problems and deaths after teen girls had taken the vaccine. I understand, it may also be something they had, a propensity, a mix of this and other problems, but the vaccines can accentuate or provoke symptoms. I'm not saying not taking them, I'm saying all they saw was commercials that MADE us all believe this was the ONLY way to be one less victim of CANCER. And we know how impressionable little girls are. There is more to this than we know. In their incomplete education, many were thinking that taking the vaccine would be a safety blanket 'in case they messed up and got sexually active' before they wanted or without their parents knowing. Others were simply pray of pressure and mere propaganda at the time of the discovery of the vaccine.
This and the flu vaccine are very different than other vaccines, they are made for one strand of the disease, they don't guarantee as they seem to be presented, from contracting the disease, they are presented with the ethics of the 'greater good', if MOST of the people have it, those who don't are better protected.
I truly would like a study of how many of the children and families of the pharmaceutical companies and those in government take these vaccines. That'd be very very interesting.

Silvia said...

I meant prey


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