Turn your blog into a Word doc, PDF, Mobi, or PRINT IT.

I'm sure there are better ways of doing this, or maybe others knew about it, to me this is new and I came up with this way to turn my blogs into a word document, PDF, or mobi document, and read them with my Kindle, or print them instead of sending them to a pricey company that turns them from blogger into books.

First open an account with google, or get access to google reader or another place where you can display all your posts or entries. I have google reader, and on my own blog, I choose view all items. Once you can see your posts, do a left click outside the box, like in the picture below, hold it and scroll down until the end post. If it seems stuck at times, simply wait a bit, you can also keep going down with the left hand clicking the down arrow. I had over 300 posts in both blogs, so my right finger got numbed. But DO NOT LET GO of the click, or you'll loose all the selected posts.
After you select EVERYTHING, do right click, copy, and open a blank Word Document and do paste. Here, if you have lots and lots of posts, it will seem that nothing is happening, but it will take a few minutes to pour all the information, so leave the computer and once back, you'll see ALL YOUR POSTS in word. At this point, you can do some clean up if you decide to print. The footer or labels after the post don't look good. You can then save it as a PDF and convert it into one. And once you have a PDF, you can use CALIBRE, a free down-loadable program, to convert your blog into a MOBI document. Load it with the usb into your Kindle or reader, and get ready to enjoy your blog or any other document you have on PDF, on your reader. You could also print your PDF, or your selected posts and pages, or once like that, choose a company like LULU  o BLURB to turn it into a much cheaper BOOK than straight from blogger.

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Marvan said...

Wonderfull information!!! I print my blog but I do it the complicated way because I haven't found any better way to do it: copy and past the posts one by one and it is a HUGE job.
Soon I want to print the once since september again because I haven't printed those yet, but you know procastinating a hard job..... So I'll try it your way and I'm sure it will work much better and faster.
Thank you!!!!

Ellen said...

Silvia, thanks for much for the tutorial! I've been thinking about printing my blog as a record of our home school (and our lives, actually). This will spur me on! Blessings, friend!

Silvia said...

You're welcome, Marvan and Ellen.

I still read you, Ellen, just busy like yourself! Take care and let me know if you can do it or not. It did not take my that long, even though I was still learning about it, and thought that it did not take. If you copy several hundred posts, it'll take some sweet time to show up on word first. Once there, you save on PDF, and you can clean up a bit to print, and then print, and with calibre is not difficult to convert PDF into MOBI. It may look I'm savvy on this, but I have no experience with converting documents or anything else, but CALIBRE is simple to use, and once with the document, click on it and say open containing folder, because I couldn't find where it got stored. From there, you put it on the kindle, and it's totally cool, as teens would say.

Madalen Goiria said...

Procastinating is a hard job.... Marvan, you are brilliant. Having read both of your entries (Marvan's and Silvia's), my most sincere tnahas to both. I´ll definitely do it!.
Have a great week end


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