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I'm selling these books bellow. If you are interested, write me an email at charlottemasonsp arroba yahoo dot com, and let me know the titles you'd like to purchase and your zip-code. I'll write you back confirming the books I have from your order, and then, if you want to purchase those, I'll send you a total including shipping for you to send me a check or PayPal payment. As soon as I got your payment, I'll ship your order. CLICK ON THE LINKS when you see them, they'll take you to the book information at Amazon to compare.



A Baby Blessing_mini by Welleran Poltarnees (Mar 1, 2006),  $1.00. HC, Great Condition, beautiful art pages inside.

Bible Stories for Young Readers, $1.00. HC, great condition.

I am a duck by M. G Wilkins (1975), Vintage PB, MY PRICE $2.00


How Many Spots Does A Leopard Have? And Other Tales by Julius Lester and David Shannon (Apr 1, 1994). PB, great condition, $1.00
Inventor's Handbook with those pieces shown, PB Great condition $1.00.
A Lucky Dog: Owney, U.S. Rail Mail Mascot by Dirk Wales and Diane Kenna (Nov 2003) HC, like new, $2.00

The Great House of Birds: Classic Writings about Birds
by John Hay (Oct 1996), HC like new, $1.00. This is a compilation from different writers (classics and contemporaries) about a variety of birds, some are poems.

STUFF AND NONSENSE by Laura. Illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark. Cecil (1989) HC, great condition, $2.00
This pile has these AO paperback books: Brighty of the Grand Canyon (AO book, 25 cents), On The Banks of Plum Creek, also AO book, 25 cents, The Jungle Book  AOunabridged, 25 cents, Johnny Tramain also AO book, with some markings, 20 cents.

On Cat Mountain by Francoise Richard and Anne Buguet (Apr 13, 1994), HC, library binding, $1.00 (slight nudity in one page, a maiden having a bath is shown from the back)

Tatterhood and the Hobgoblins: A Norwegian Folktale by Lauren A. Mills (Apr 1993) Library Discard, HC, $1.00  SOLD

The Magic Fish-bone by Charles Dickens and Robert Florczak (Oct 1, 2000), HC great condition, $1.00 SOLD

2 opinion(s):

Pam... said...

I hope you do well in selling. Hoping hubby is doing well also.

Silvia said...

Thanks friend. I have read your latest, but no time to comment yet.
Yes, my dh is almost almost healed, he is able to do everything now, the very light discomfort is fading, and he enjoys life again.
We'll go camping for the first time soon. I hope I'll post about it!



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