Letters to Karen

We are reading, living, learning, and my head is buzzing with ideas for posts, but it's fine if I don't write them all. I'll start with the last book I've finished, Letters to Karen. I grabbed it at the library for fifty cents. It is a self help book, but an old one and though you can sense it's not contemporary for the lack of references to our networking life, its advice is not outdated.

Karen asked her father, a pastor, to write her letters on the event of her marriage, and her father gives her advice, some examples of the many couples he has counseled, and writes sound thoughts with a warm style.

From it, I highlight many ideas for my marriage, and the last and powerful idea of praying together. We used to do it more, and we need to go back to it. I like how he talks about using a devotional, bringing things that we have been dealing with in our day, or things that caused us to be resentful, or appreciative, and then praying in company but silently. It may be awkward to pray out loud, although we do that, but I can see the point of doing it silently as well.

Something I did not thing I was going to get from this book, was help in how to approach lessons conversations about sex with my daughters. Although he is talking to his grown up daughter, some of his thoughts are useful. I know many may disagree with his idea of, if possible, waiting a bit for kids and giving each other a chance to know the other better, before children enter the equation, and he says that should children come, they will surely be a blessing, but despite differences you may have with this point, as I had a few others in other chapters, I'd safely say you will enjoy the easy and not that shallow reading of this book.

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Pam... said...

I liked that book too. It takes you back in time to a different world, and a different kind of woman.

Nancy said...

That looks interesting! It's always cool to find some "dated" book that is full of gems for your life today. Thanks for telling us about this one.

That praying together advice - so simple and easy, so easy to neglect, but one thing that can be the glue for any marriage. A good reminder!

Admiration, Hope and Love,

Silvia said...

Hi Pam and Nancy. Nancy, the book is going to MN! (I'll try to mail it no later than tomorrow.)



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