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Join Me at The Homeschool Post!Nominations are open at The Homeschool Post. For a couple of years I've been voting and seen many of my friends getting this neat award. I'm writing about this a bit late, there is only two more days, but you can still vote for your favorite blogs in many categories clicking on their button below. I like it, it makes me think of YOU and your amazing blogs!

6 opinion(s):

...they call me mommy... said...

Love your blog header, Silvia! :)

Silvia said...

Thanks, Amy, you always surprise me with yours... I love how you change it often! :)

Pam... said...

Ok. I voted. You ranked out in several categories! Don't ask! Shhh. Secret voting.

Silvia said...

Pam... you are so sweet! But you are supposed to not repeat! :/, I had a hard time putting your blog in JUST one :)

Silvia said...

BTW, have you ever won anything like this, Pam?

Jeanne said...

Thanks for reminding me!


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