Grammar Land, Free PDF

Some at Ambleside Online use this free book for Grammar. Since not all of you may be in that list, I'm sharing it with you here.

3 opinion(s):

Pam... said...

Well, it does look like a humorous way to learn about grammar. I had never heard of it. Will you be using it, my dear?

Silvia said...

Definitely! I'm going to start on it very soon, I'm going to place it on my Kindle to read it... ha ha ha. Seriously, it's the type of book I adore reading. But with my reduced corpus of students, you'd forgive me if I wait a few years... not much, time flies and once in Year one, they are in year three, and soon we'll be wadding in Plutarch and Shakespeare's waters!

Silvia said...

To be brutally honest, the previous PDF math book I doubt I'll use. But there may be moms very new to this and I believe the website gives a nice scope and sequence of kindergarten math, and even looking at the 'worksheets' one can figure how easily you can do that with real life objects, should you desire to have something concrete to do with your preschool age children.
Only with two, with the second I'm much more confident and relaxed.
But who knows, I may look at the book again next year when we plan for our Year 0, and Year 2!


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