Geometry in Art

In case you are not subscribed to Maria Miller's blog, I'm sharing this book she presented called Geometry in Art. It's a free download.

I don't know if gathering all these free resources is a help or an addiction. Frankly, many of the things I've collected I don't use, but this book... this is a sure read!

4 opinion(s):

Grace'n'Chaos said...

Looks interesting, I'm going to go check it out. Yes, helpful and addicting ; )

Silvia said...

I've started to read it and I'm loving it.

Sarah said...

Sounds good! Will have to save it for later! xxx

Silvia said...

I'm glad it helps. This is a great book, as for the audios, we love to listen to some of our AO books instead of me reading. The lady that narrates OIS is a wonderful narrator.


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