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I review for BookSneeze®Apparently, there are ways to receive free books or digital books if you are willing to review them honestly at your blog and another platform such as Amazon. I knew of no ways to do this. I admit when it comes to monetize my blog or get something for my family, I'm not very good. I'm not in this for the money, but it never hurts to get something in return, specially BOOKS.
So I signed up, and in a couple of days I was approved. Now I can see the available titles that vary according to the interests selected on the profile. I
Once you get the book it's just up to you how long to take to read it and review it, but only after you review it and post the reviews, you will be able to request the next. The reviews must be honest, you just need to include a disclosure that states you got it free from Booksneeze!

What about you? Do you know of other places to get books in exchange for reviews?

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Blossom said...

Oh, do I? :) Yes, I do. :)
LitFuse Blog Tours
Blogging for Books
Bethany House
New Leaf Publishing
Net Galley

Net Galley does not require you to post a review and so far they have all been digital books that I've received. LitFuse sends out books but you have to do a blog tour if you are selected to review the book. Bethany House is my favorite because of the types of books. Hope you find some more places that you enjoy getting books (and giving reviews!) from.

Silvia said...

Thanks Blossom. I never thought about ASKING, but whenever I do, I RECEIVE, and so much... Thanks, friend! I may add them to the main post to help others in their desire for books to read and review!

Blossom said...

Lol, ask and you shall receive :D

Pam... said...

Thanks for the information, Silvia. The book you mentioned on email does sound good. I will check it out; but am too overloaded to join anything else, ya know?
But it does sound really good. And from the above posts, I see you have lots of possibilities to look into for more books!

Silvia said...

Oh, Pam, I should have figured that one out! ha ha ha.


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