AO Year 1 School Report

Unbelievable, but we are on our Week 18 of school. Writing about our days gives me a vision I often loose. I feel at times things are going slow, that I'm conforming, blah, blah, blah... but looking back, I think they have been 18 wonderful weeks. You can find this and more HERE.


James Baldwin,   Fifty Famous Stories Retold   Ebook from Baldwin Project  Ebook from Project Gutenberg
   Audio recording from LibriVox . Read by Laura Caldwell.
   Stories Listed with Dates and in Chronological Order . chronological chart.

D1 is enjoying the book. I did not know it is on audio. We'll try it on audio too.
 Jennie Hall,   Viking Tales   Ebook from Baldwin Project   Ebook from Project Gutenberg

Richard Hannula,   Trial and Triumph       Ebook from GoogleBooks

We got this book. It's not an easy one, but it is interesting. We are slowing into it and catching up with AO schedule.
H. E. Marshall,   Our Island Story   Ebook from Baldwin Project  Audio recording from LibriVox . Part 1. Read by Kara Shallenberg.
   Audio recording from LibriVox . Part 2. Various Readers.  Illustrations of Famous Kings and Queens of England . illustrations.

We are enjoying this book on audio. Kara Shallenberg has a great voice.

Ingri and Edgar Parin D'Aulaire,   Benjamin Franklin  Read and LOVED.
Ingri and Edgar Parin D'Aulaire,   Buffalo Bill
Ingri and Edgar Parin D'Aulaire,   George Washington Soon to be commenced! 
(free reading) Ingri and Edgar Parin D'Aulaire,   Pocahontas

Holling Clancy Holling,   Paddle to the Sea  
Some weeks this is better than others. We are coloring the map and I'd say D1 likes it. Her narrations are not bad from it.

Thornton W. Burgess,   The Burgess Bird Book for Children
   Ebook from Baldwin Project
   Ebook from Project Gutenberg
   Audio recording from LibriVox . Various readers.
   Links to Pictures of Birds Organized by Chapter .

This is getting better, specially with the aid of The Burgess Book Companion

  Anna Botsford Comstock,   Handbook of Nature Study
    Ebook from Internet Archive in various formats
I need to catch up with more reading, as usual, but we are reading other books about birds and mammals before, and the girls seem to like them more than my prediction.

James Herriot,   James Herriot's Treasury for Children  
This got better as we read more. They both loved the last story about the horse in the competition.
Ruth Beechick,   Home Start in Reading
    Samuel L. Blumenfeld,   Alpha-Phonics: A Primer for Beginning Readers
    Siegfried Engelmann,   Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
    E. Louise Smythe,   A Primary Reader
   Ebook from Project Gutenberg
Harriette Taylor Treadwell,   READING-LITERATURE: The Primer
   (#1 in READING-LITERATURE Readers series)
  Harriette Taylor Treadwell,   READING-LITERATURE: First Reader
   (#2 in READING-LITERATURE Readers series)  
   Ebook from Baldwin Project

D1 has read some from primer number one on dad's Ipad. It was fun! Now she is reading Frog and Toad, Hattie the Rabbit, and reads along with me picture books like Alfie, etc.


Ambleside Online,   Over 200 Classic Children's Poems
   Poetry Anthology. Ebook from Ambleside Online
A. A. Milne,   Now We Are Six
Almost finished with this one. We all memorized The Daffodowdily
A. A. Milne,   When We Were Very Young

Iona and Peter Opie,   The Oxford Book of Children's Verse

Robert Louis Stevenson,   A Child's Garden of Verses  
   Ebook from Project Gutenberg
   Audio recording from LibriVox . Read by Arctura.
We did not try the audio. Both loved the poems, they memorized The Whole Duty of Children.

Hans Christian Andersen,   Fairy Tales
(free reading) James M. Barrie,   Peter Pan and Wendy
   Ebook from Project Gutenberg
   Audio recording from LibriVox . Various readers.

(free reading) Carlo Collodi,   Pinocchio
   Ebook from Project Gutenberg
   Audio recording from LibriVox . Various readers.
After a second listening to The Velveteen Rabbit, we may try this one. We already read it a year or longer ago. I'm ready for it. Audio or Spanish reading by me? Sigh, I don't know!

Margaret S. Gatty,   Parables from Nature
   Ebook from Baldwin Project
We opted out for now. I've read that some start it in Year 1, and that children truly get muscle. Definitely I'd have to break the stories into two days, but some wait on this and Shakespeare for children, and I thought I would too. Some replace it for the Among the People stories... but I don't know why the year is traveling fast and we haven't had much room for even substitutions.

(free reading) Margaret Hodges,   St. George and the Dragon
Rudyard Kipling,   Just So Stories
   Ebook from Baldwin Project
   Ebook from Project Gutenberg
   Audio recording from LibriVox . Version 1, Read by Reynard.
   Audio recording from LibriVox . Version 2, Read by Kara Shallenberg.

Charles and Mary Lamb,   Tales from Shakespeare
   Ebook from Baldwin Project
   Ebook from Project Gutenberg
   Audio recording from LibriVox . Read by Karen Savage.
My sister bought this, maybe we read some tales in Spain. I am otherwise waiting for next year or in two more, when D2 is in Y1 and D1 in Y3.
Andrew Lang,   The Blue Fairy Book
    Preview  Paperback book published by Yesterday's Classics. List price
   Ebook from Project Gutenberg
   Audio recording from LibriVox . Various readers.
Again, I never tried the audio, and I could. The stories are long, and I should have broken them in two, but so far we've done them on Tuesdays, on our literature day. We enjoyed Aladdin today.
(free reading) Andrew Lang,   The Red Fairy Book
   Ebook from Baldwin Project
   Ebook from Project Gutenberg

Edith Nesbit,   Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare
   Ebook from Baldwin Project
   Ebook from Project Gutenberg
   Audio recording from LibriVox . Various readers.
Though both show in the list, is either this or Nesbit, I believe. We are waiting anyway.

Howard Pyle,   The Wonder Clock
   Ebook from Baldwin Project

  (free reading)
John Ruskin,   The King of the Golden River
   Ebook from Baldwin Project
   Ebook from Project Gutenberg

 (free reading) E. B. White,   Charlotte's Web 
It was not as big as I thought, but we read it. D2 liked it more than D1.

(free reading) Laura Ingalls Wilder,   Little House in the Big Woods
   (#1 in Little House series)
Big Hit. D1 asked if I can read the Christmas chapter in Christmas while on our vacation.

 (free reading) Margery Williams,   The Velveteen Rabbit
   Ebook from Project Gutenberg
   Audio recording from LibriVox . Version 1, Read by Marlo Dianne.
   Audio recording from LibriVox . Version 2, Read by Barbara Bear and Mama Bear. We heard this version, version 2. But we were all busy on the computers, so we'll have to give it another try in a better setting. I caught a few lovely moments though.

Milo Winter,   Aesop for Children
     Ebook from Baldwin Project
   Ebook from Project Gutenberg 
One of D1's favorites. However, today it wasn't her day. She did not listen as she usually does. I never do this, but I read the fable again... even I was distracted. What can you do?

(In random order)

1. The readings. Our ten weekly readings we do slowly, and from which I ask narrations preparing my oldest for some independent time with Ambleside Online Year 1.

I'd say the AO Readings are going well. It's a lot of new books, many difficult ones, but as we become all more familiar with they, we are starting to love them.

2. Narration. Both girls seem to be quite natural. I am sure that it will have its moments next years, and we have had some rejection, but I honestly believe I was asking for narrations of the hardest of our readings, orally, and I need to remind me that it is fine to draw the narrations (which they do with joy and precision), and to vary the ways of asking for them.

This gets intense. D1 is a good narrator, but I guess being the only narrator gets a bit tiring. I try to be flexible, ask for picture narrations, still model narrations, and continue persevering.

3. Our Bible study. We have deflated some and now we are mostly back to the core (reading the account, narrating, and reciting the memory work we have learned in the year). I admit we have not study an hymn in depth, but the girls know many songs, and D1 is starting to read and sing from the hymn books at church.

Now we have a program called Shaping Hearts for God. It's great. We have memory verses, wonderful lessons, and we complement it with The Child's Bible by Karen Voss.

4. Learning to Read. D1 reads. She does not pick books and gets lost in them yet. However she reads. Now the McGuffey readers are clicking and working. I have a book in a shopping cart for spelling that I hope it may work. I teach as we read. I need to dust the phonic cards for the fall. Following Brandy's suggestion to my question about this, I will be sure to set a time for SSR every day. D2 knows her sounds and seems to be zealous about her reading time, play time, and art. Not lessons, the sun is up in Houston most of the days and we are.

D1 is taking off with her reading. D2 is coming very strong with sounds, short word recognizion, and a huge drive. It maybe because I did not push her as much as my firstborn... sigh... D1 is starting to chose reading by herself, and writing too.

5. Arithmetic for Young Children and MEP. Both free programs you can access from my resources math page. I need to incorporate more games. They are enjoying those lately. Math in books. But I can't count on this, we find it randomly. I would like to find some Math Mammoth booklets to target some concept as they come up in the other two programs. I need practice with measurement and weight. And I'd love to find something fun for fractions too.

We are back to using MEP. I'm glad the program spirals and changes pace. I'm also TRULY TRULY reading living books and playing games with them. D1 does good but gets tired of the writting part. I need to remember to do as much oral math as possible. Some exercises she likes go very well, such as more, less than, and equal.

6. Composer and Art. The music appreciation is rolling. We listen to the AO composer regularly. The thing I can't seem to trap is art. I think I am going to stick to the most prominent artists I know, as Mystie did, and go from there. Print some pictures for the girls (we are definitely missing this part, and this is key), and see where we go from there.

I'm very excited with the music. Both loved the Bernstain Favorites, and they are singing hymns and folk songs all the time. But I can't keep up with as many as I thought. That's fine. Better a few well loved than dozens of ignored ones.

We have not looked at that much art, even though I have the pictures, but the girls are going to a wonderful art class every week. I'm ready for some REAL THING to get us excited. What about El Museo del Prado in my home city?

7. Nature walks and learning. I am taking slow steps into this. We enjoy this informally all the time. I'm excited to see what a careful look at the Nature Study Book in year 1 will do for us.

Not bad, I'd like more journal drawing entries... but we've had a hard summer. We have room on our vacation for some drawings at my in laws specially.

8. Writing. I'm happy with the booklets and practice D1 does. D2 joins sometimes, and is exploring with letters, writing them intermingled with her pictures.

Handwriting, that is, is going well with D1. D2 also has good handwriting, and she is dictating her own stories as D1 did and still does.

9. Our KINDLE. I am reading more, I am still buying books, but it has already been an incredible tool to read the Arithmetic for Young Children Book, the Bible, many of the Simply Charlotte Mason booklets on PDF that read quite nicely in the horizontal and that I never quite finished tired from the screen. My dear Sherlock, the rest of the FREE books. I still think that nothing beats books, though.

Still very much in love with the KINDLE... but flirting badly with other gadgets!

I guess I will write a number 10. (OC me).

10. The Lord. In Him everything is possible, through Him all is obtainable, with Him, all is bearable.

At the end of November, Lord willing, we will go to Europe to see our families, and there I plan to get books in Spanish for the girls to add to the second semester readings and for further years.

The Lord has lifted us after a challenging summer and early autumn. Thanks to him, my dh is recovering, and we are getting very close to our trip to Europe.


I can't believe I left this one out... I take it for granted! We have listened to children songs in Italian, we are listening to Song School Latin, and the girls also sing the songs and say the words, and we are now listening to some French as well. I don't do for now much more than getting acquainted with the songs.



7 opinion(s):

Jeanne said...

This was fantastic!, Sounds like a great year.

Silvia said...

Jeanne, as I was planning for year two, I saw my planning for year one and I thought I'd take some time to reflect. I felt better after that.
You see, I could have started a post whining and complaining... because life is not exactly as I picture it in my head in many regards, but as I sit down with an open mind and see all that we have, life is truly ten times better than my narrow idea of it!

Grace'n'Chaos said...

You've accomplished so much Silvia! The girls are getting a wonderfully rich education. Great job : D

amy in peru said...

yay! so rich... don't get too lost in the *doing* though, friend! :)

Some thoughts? Please, oh please don't toss out Parables of Nature for good!! It's one of my all time favorites! It is difficult going in year one though, admittedly.

Don't worry about nature study entries... just enjoy it, if I may say so!! ;) I used to fret too, but it's okay... you have many years ahead to fill checklists, you want the girls to LOVE it!

Yay for the little readers! Great job, Silvia! :)

My kids love the simple MEP games especially the ones with throwing balls... they even kept on going after finishing their lesson! hilarious. you never can tell... ;)

You are doing such a fantastic job!!

Way to enjoy a rich living education with your girls! ;)

amy in peru

Silvia said...

Jenny, Jeanne, and Amy.... GOD BLESS YOU FRIENDS, I soooooo needed to hear you.

You know the heart of a CM mom!

You know this posts are not to brag, but much to the contrary, they are to take a bit of distance and keep pressing. I needed to see the big picture, to be reminded of the ENJOYMENT of this RICH education.

Nooooo, tranquila, ja ja ja, I'm not tossing P of N. Amy. I just will start it no later than next year. This year my ability to read English decently has been put to the limit, LOL, I'm sooooo grateful for the recordings of many books, so beautifully narrated.

You are so right, (always wise, Amy), about the nature study entries. I have a good selection, and they cherish them, but now it's more important to JUST go outdoors, and we are G O I N G C A M P I N G! My husband came along to this idea, and now he is the head of the camping thing! I'm so blessed!

My girls like those games too! MEP or math was challenging. Then I remember... Silvia, your daughters don't need to check anything or even do tests, just like math. Even if it means doing book 1 in year 2! We are enjoying some living math books and I always forget how lovely those are.

Thanks for the compliments. I do get discouraged at times because I'm what you may say a Mother Culture orphan. I'll write a post about it.

I love you both, and all my readers. No matter who comments, it seems to come at the right time.

Silvia said...

* I meant THESE!

David Ryan said...

I noticed AlphaPhonics mentioned in your list of books - I couldn't agree more! I have bought many different types of reading programs (paying big $$$) for my 5 year old daughter. None of them came close to teaching her what this simple book did. She has ADD and gets distracted easily so all the other programs were great looking but she could only focus on the pictures. It may not have all the neat bells and whistles but it gets the job done better than any of the programs that do. Keep teaching and keep writing!


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