Third tag for this Homeschool Meme

It's, I believe, the first time I do a meme in this homeschooling blog. First Brandy tagged me, then Willa, and now Glory Bea (isn't that a beautiful name for a beautiful mom I've met recently who gets inspiration from Miss Mason?)

Not only I've been tagged three times, I've read many of your memes, and I've truly enjoyed them all. Mine could almost be done surely by cutting and pasting responses you've given, but I need to fill it myself cause I guess part of writing it is reflecting our personalities, for that is what I have seen in your answers.

1. One homeschooling book you have enjoyed:
I have to bend the rules and mention two, Karen Andreola's Charlotte Mason Companion, and When Children Love to Learn.

2. One resource you wouldn't be without:
Internet. I wish I lived in the  before Internet times, seriously, but we can't go back in time, so I take the best of it, which are the friends and resources I get for free or next to free but priceless.

3. One resource you wish you had never bought:
None truly, because the few things I bought and did not like, I sold them for the same, and buying them helped me figure out the kind of resources that we don't benefit from.

4. One resource you enjoyed last year:
I've enjoyed having Stephanie as my mentor, and her course which I translated which is a formidable guide into CM.
5. One resource you will be using next year:
My husband's Ipad. We are using it now since he did not have to take it to work, and it's becoming ridiculously addictive. But it's not ours, and we can't count on it. Anything else, I don't foresee anything yet, but like this year, something will make it into our new year frugal list.

6. One resource you would like to buy:
Many mentioned cleaning services, which is quite nice, but I am with Nancy, a camper. Is that a homeschooling resource? :) Absolutely, it takes you to places and helps you live and learn.

7. One resource you wish existed:
Ambleside -Spain, free reliable cleaning as Glory said, a CM community like Nancy's nearby... dreaming is free, so why limit it to one wish, I took the usual three.

8. One homeschool catalog you enjoy reading:
I don't read catalogs. They make me want what I don't need.

9. One homeschool website you use regularly:
Ambleside, but I also have used Charlotte Mason Help this past summer with delight, not to mention your blogs.

10. Tag six other homeschoolers:
All of the people I can think of have been tagged already. If you haven't just go ahead and do this, when I saw it first I thought about doing it myself just because.

1 opinion(s):

Glory Bea said...

Silvia, thanks for playing ... again! As for your complement, I'm sad to confess things aren't always beautiful around here when I don't give my dear, inquisitive children the patience they deserve. However, we're all always working on beautiful on the inside!

I really appreciated your comment about the resource you wish you'd never bought ... that you never had such a wish because you learned more about what you do/don't want in your children's education. What a positively glass-full, always learning perspective. Thank you :)


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