Kindle Madness!

Can you believe a Kindle is now $79?, and there is a new Kindle TOUCH for $99, and a new FIRE Kindle for $200? They are determined to put one or a few in every home. I have heard that Amazon does not make the big money selling kindles, but books for them. I have not spent but 6 dollars in a Reina Valera Bible for mine, and it's loaded with books!

Books won't disappear, they are still sold in great numbers, but this new reading in electronic devices is unstoppable, and has changed the market as much as supermarkets changed the old time so loved by many markets where a person sold you food by the weight and knew your name.

2 opinion(s):

Ellen said...

Holy cow! My "new" Kindle (received at Christmas) is now obsolete! Oh, well. I still love it. :-) Blessings!

Silvia said...

:) It is and it is not! They are branching out with different lures in tweaked Kindles... still our Kindles (mine I got in January), are excellent reading devices. I love mine too! But I can make room in my heart for others!


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