How to Teach Writing

This interesting article was posted by Kelly on Facebook. Thank you, Kelly. But if you, like me, just visit Facebook once every week or less, or if you don't even have a Facebook account at all, I thought you would benefit from it too.

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...they call me mommy... said...

Absolutely LOVE that pumpkin photo! :) So beautiful...

Thanks! I'm taking a look at this article.
I don't teach ANY formal writing right now. I just have them do a tiny bit of copywork (think one sentence or even one word or even one LETTER -thanks to YOU for that idea :) ) each day and try to have them copy it perfectly. That's it for now! :)

Silvia said...

Amy, I also LOOOOVE your tomatoes, and your children with the green apples, they couldn't be cuter and happier.

I'm glad that IDEA is working for YOU, I got it from Mrs. Mason, ha! It's whatever little they can do, done perfectly. I don't teach any other writing yet.

Mistie, with a 3rd grader, he is now writing just two sentences as an answer to a question from their readings. I believe that to be great. Again, two great sentences are much better than two full pages of mediocre writing.

To me, oral narrations are their first essays and compositions, and those are full of adjectives, details... it's promising. I know they'll write their own blogs or anything they are interested in writing, ha ha ha.


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