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Sigh... we are doing better, slowly. I don't want to just say we are fine and husband has another relapse. Though it looks like there is significant improvement, and now we know where most of the set backs come from, (total burn out, stress beyond human proportions! :), we'll just be cautious and keep doing what we have to. Thanks to ALL for your wonderful support, we are very lucky to have such an amazing community of people who care for us.

 We save up days for three years to go to Europe for six weeks. This past year my husband did not get a relief, usually they send him a week to training which is a nice change of air, and many circumstances have piled up and made life quite difficult, all this anxiety piling up in his pelvic area and causing him insomnia. But without being totally out of the woods, I have no choice but keep being optimistic that the treatments he is receiving and more things that will hopefully come soon, such as a second opinion from a different (and someone who sits and listens a bit) urologist, plus maybe physiotherapy for his pelvic health, will hopefully leave him like new. And our trip to Europe after Thanksgiving will give us new energy and restore our emotional health and well being.

Just because technology is to me a hobby and a good change of pace, I would like to show you in a simple tutorial how you can get rid of your Blogger navigation bar that shows at the top of MANY of your WONDERFUL blogs, and how to add a favicon, it personalizes the blog and it's super easy. (It used to be more complicated to do these two changes).

To add a favicon, go to your blogger design and you'll see a small box at the left hand side of the screen, click on edit.

 The image for the favicon has to be 100 kb maximum. To re size the otherwise bigger images your cameras give you, you can create a free account with photobucket, or use any other picture editing program you have to resize the picture.

Once you add the favicon, just give your browser a bit of time, and it will start to show up on Internet Explorer, Mozilla, or any other browser, and come up on google plus, or other places where you add your blog posts as links.

And now to remove the blogger navigation bar. If you have a blogger template design, go to blogger template designer. Click on Advanced, then at the bottom, click on Add CSS, then in the white empty box, copy and paste this code and you will see the navigation bar disappear in your blog at the bottom. If that's the case, save, if not, do not panic, nothing will mess up your blog if you don't click save.

#navbar-iframe {
   display: none !important;

If your blogger is a template for blogger but not from the template design page but one you added to your HTML, then you only have to Place this code between <head> and </head >and BEFORE <body>

<!--Remove NavBar --><style type='text/css'>#b-navbar {height: 0px; visibility: hidden; display: none;}</style>
<style type='text/css'>#navbar-iframe {height: 0px; visibility: hidden; display: none;}</style>

Save your template before, preview it, and if something doesn't work well, just don't save or restore it back to your template. Remember your posts, followers, and important information is not lost with template changes.

4 opinion(s):

Pam... said...

Thanks for the update, Silvia. Sounds like some progress anyway.

Now off to take a nap with little David while the kids watch Misty of Chincoteage. (However you spell it!)

Marvan said...

I'm so happy to read that you are doing better!!
For the rest of your post, when I read those things I feel sooooo dumb. I think I should have been born before the age of compurters.. snif..

Silvia said...

Thank you friends.
Marvan, you should try it. I promise it's easier than it seems. Tell your son for his blog and he'll teach you to do it in yours! ha ha ha.

We are FINALLY having cool nice days, at least this past Labor Day weekend, and it seems the beginning of a much better season for our family. Even those without illness tell me it's been a hard hard summer in the subs of Houston.

...they call me mommy... said...

Continuing to think of you & your husband! Europe sounds lovely!
Thanks for the tutorial!


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