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Now, can someone explain how did I miss this? Thanks to Nancy's meme I read about the neat project they have for the fall of 2012. I now see the button in Nancy's blog, and many of you who already follow this website and its blog, but I am new to it, and I find my old friends there, and articles that are like a balm to the weary. If you haven't, read Childlight USA's blog!

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Nancy said...

Have you read The Review? I'm not sure if CMers know about the fabulous articles in these past issues, which are found in the The Review tab on the right sidebar at Childlight USA. Lots and lots of delicious reading. And...drumroll please...I believe a new issue will be coming out soon!

Admiration, Hope and Love,


Silvia said...

No, Nancy. Actually it went unnoticed when I first glanced...but know I will surely read the past issues, and look forward to the new ones.
I am very excited about this neat and inspiring readings I just found.
I will type a quick post with a link straight to the Review section, it merits it.



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