Beautiful Moments Part II

lMr. Bach Comes to CallTchaikovsky Discovers AmericaSo, what have we been doing these past weeks?

Listening to the amazing Tchaikovsky Discovers America.
We got it FREE in tape format and we love it. The cover is also nicer than these psychedelic CD designs. It's a lively narration by a boy at the time Tchaikovsky visited America, with a person as Tchaikovsky, the boy, his sister, and the music at the background, plus Tchaikovsky talking about some of his pieces.
Beethoven Lives Upstairs
Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery (Audio CD)Then I've seen that there are others in this series, I wonder if they are the same quality as this, but I plan to give them a try, for they weave biography and music in a Charlotte Mason or you could call it, very poetic and appropriate for young children manner.

Song School LatinListening to Song School Latin, lovely songs, as for the Latin you learn, if you speak and understand Spanish, not much, but the quality of the songs is great. I got the Teacher's Edition, which unnecessary if you get the student's book. We don't even have that, I may get it later or we'll wait until they are older and use MINIMUS LATIN, another great book I got for $4 at our curriculum sale, and which I personally love myself. Great to teach grammar too.

Books: we haven't started Harry's Mad yet because we are delighting in Little House in the Big Woods, and Wayward, and now also the first of the D'Aulaire biographies we have for this year, Benjamin Franklin. I wonder, can there be anything more exquisitely written and illustrated?

I'm reading a second book by Dr. Schields, The Education Of Our Girls, which you can also get here FREE, and you'd love to hear controversies that still exist now in an old time frame, because some reasoning will  never become outdated, even if they were discussing if it was appropriate to have segregated or mixed universities (speaking about girls and boys together or separated). If you have not read yet the Making and the Unmaking of a Dullard, (Free Here), you are missing on something. My friend who asked what is a dullard, it's a stupid or dumb person.

I'm still reading The Republic and I have started School Education... and you know what, I UNDERSTAND IT. Yes, I've always read paragraphs, much of Home Education, many quotes from your great blogs, and now finally after almost six months of translating Charlotte Mason's Course which will be ready sometime in September, Lord willing, and years of reading books about her, I can finally say that, with work and effort, though, I can read her originals and enjoy greatly what she has to say about many aspects of education that will always concern any who is a parent and/or teacher.There is hope for you or any who wants to read her original work. And even if you don't, there are many wonderful books about her and blogs that quote her and that present wisely her thoughts for you to grasp and understand.

Books about Charlotte Mason I've enjoyed in the order I read them which worked for me,
A Charlotte Mason Companion: Personal Reflections on the Gentle Art of Learning

When Children Love to Learn: A Practical Application of Charlotte Mason's Philosophy for TodayA Charlotte Mason EducationMore Charlotte Mason EducationFor the Children's Sake: Foundations of Education for Home and School

2 opinion(s):

Willa said...

Hi Silvia, I haven't been on the computer very much this summer so I haven't been commenting, but I have been reading your blog on my Iphone, and I just wanted you to know that I love your series on Beautiful Moments, and also, I am praying for your husband's health. I hope your homeschooling year is a blessed one!

Silvia said...

Thank you Willa. I also never miss your blog. Actually, I just left from reading your nice post on your first day of school. I feel very identified with you. And even when I do more of 'the school thing' you can say, you should see. It is truly becoming sort of a second skin. I guess I'm still a bit scared and I push the math worksheets just a bit... ha ha ha, but nothing painful. Actually you should hear the girls singing at any given time, hymns and folk songs, and my oldest WANTING to practice recorder.
As you said, care and improvisation are not exclusive. I like your points about unschooling very much. I'm like you. I could have prepared and eaten that salad myself. I had less things today, but I mixed granola, a banana, and added a nut mix for a nutritious breakfast, or mixed salmon with plain yogurt, and sprinkled mrs. dash and rolled it into unsalted 'saltines' what an oxymoron!, and ate that with cauliflower from yesterday and sweet potato fries from the bag.
I don't know if I'll ever be ready to do that jump, but my personality is highly unschooling, I never buy with lists, or have routines written down, and even so, my house is always pretty clean, and I prepare good meals most of the time :) I mean, it's hard to explain, I'm not supermom or anything, or perfection, I simply cultivate that care and spontaneity.
I'd like to write more eloquently about it, because even in these times of sickness, it's been a joy to live a simple, not busy life. That's one of the reasons why I homeschool.


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