Beautiful Moments, Part I

When I read about the life of other amazing mothers, homemakers, teachers and bloggers, and how their children are doing, the questions, the desires to learn they manifest, the projects they all get immersed in, the books they read, their trips, nature studies, accomplishments, family vacations, their cooking, knitting, crafting, all the wonderful times and memories, for the most part I rejoice; at some weak moments I confess I feel jealous; all in all, I feel profoundly inspired and part of 'something' beautiful.

It may sound a cliche, but it's true to me that I have so much beauty in front of my nose, too close to even appreciate it.

That changed this harsh summer, hot, dry, unpoetic, but revealing summer. Prayer and Charlotte Mason have helped me to keep my sanity at these difficult moments. And there is beauty hidden in the ugliness of being indoors with our desperate tries to beat up the weather and do a short walk with the haziness in the horizon from the 102 and 104 temperature outside. The AC kept running non stop while we tried to play with friends and continue with school as much as we could, between doctor appointments, sleepless nights, and a father and husband that seemed a shadow of his usual person, his face writhed with desperation.

And one day reading Little House in the Big Woods in the couch, I see the girls shinny eyes, specially my oldest, and how in love she is with the book, and I believe again in this type of education. Like Melissa says, they are now part of the club of girls who find a skin balloon fascinating and gross at the same time.

Today I saw again Homeschooler Freeby of the Day, and felt an adrenaline rush looking at all the resources I could download for free, and as I was mourning the loss of the many that had expired I simply decided to stop looking at what I was missing, and concluded that if we did not get or use any of the new things I was looking at, we'll be equally blessed with the many resources we have and we are truly using this season.

Because I printed some 4x6 pictures, we are doing our humble art study. I used, and I paid very very little for those many pictures of several painters that if we study this year, we'll be in great shape. Because of ambleside, we are reading wonderful books. Because I looked at some Italian songs, folk songs, and hymns, we are singing and listening to those more often. Because I bought Song School Latin we are listening to the lovely songs. Because I bundled up some handwriting paper, and I write in a minute a memory verse or the moral from the Aesop fables, my oldest practices handwriting regularly. Because we got Progressive Recorder, she is into practicing recorder too. But I did all that when I planned for this quarter that has just this and one more week to end. I will look at somethings for the next quarter, but not major additions or changes, because our simple but rich planning is going well.

My dh has an ipad and we've been enjoying it, but we don't need one to have beautiful moments, it's just one more commodity. But let me tell you my oldest has been reading these stories from her primer, and loves it, and doing her xtramath in it too. Xtramath is a wonderful resource for math facts, I can't recommend it enough.

But my point for you it's that you don't have to change or add the resources you see being offered NOW. Keep a notepad, add them to favorites, or storage them however you prefer, and simply write what catches your eye at the moment, put that away, and every two or three months, or every time you sit down to plan again for your homeschool, THEN look at those and see what you'd like to incorporate and add. While I cannot say the abundance of resources is a course curse, it can hinder when we allow it to disrupt us constantly. It's also good to simply read, rejoice, and blissfully ignore, ha ha ha.

Times of distress show you that even when you can't go to the computer and update resources, blog about what you do, or even follow a very productive or intensive course of studies the way you like it, they have proven to me that a Charlotte Mason education is very viable and it actually helps you keep your sanity because it's simple, and full of beautiful moments.

2 opinion(s):

...they call me mommy... said...

Lovely post!! So true! Thank you for the reminder.

Kim said...

I agree that the abundance of resources can be a hindrance! I am learning to read/follow only a few blogs rather than the hundreds that are out there or else I get overwhelmed and being comparing! I read a quote recently that was very helpful - "comparison is the death of contentment." We do what's best for our kids and they thrive! :) Thanks for keeping us all updated through your blog Silvia!


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