Amazon Affiliates Box Not Working in Blogger

A few days ago, some of us saw to our dismay how the amazon associates box at the right of our blogger post interface became blank, stopped working. I thought I messed something up, and I couldn't see many with the same problem, though some spoke of the same or similar problems as a result of the new interface. We all know changes can bring temporal problems, but many times we are unaware and believe it's something we did and drive ourselves a bit crazy trying to solve something it's way beyond our ability to fix.

After searching yesterday, I realized that it wasn't a few but many who were having the same problem. There is a new updated Blogger interface I checked and that has not the amazon associates product search box in it, so I quickly came back to the old blogger interface, but the box still is blank.

There is still a way to add products from your amazon associates account, typing the product and getting the links, and pasting them in your post, which is time consuming and painful after becoming spoiled by their convenient product box.

But today at the blogger forums, a lady wrote that she had called Amazon, and they told her they are aware of this and the problem will be fixed by the end of today most likely. This is Amazon's phone number she also gave us, 800-372-8066, in case you want to call yourself.

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Daisy said...

Hooray! That Amazon box is so convenient. Glad it is going to be fixed soon.

Silvia said...

Daisy, yesterday I would bet I was the ONLY person with this. I have the habit of clicking here and there, and I thought... Now I MESSED up big time!

Craftdrawer said...

Thanks for your post it's nice to know someone had an answer to this issue.

Michelle said...

Thank you for sharing what you know about this problem. Mine is still not working today. I hope it gets fixed soon.

Silvia said...

Michelle, I have a bad feeling about this one. I believe Blogger does not want to have the feature available for some reason I do not comprehend.

Bryan Jones said...

Has anyone heard any word on this being resolved? Still an issue for me with blogger?

Silvia said...

No Bryan, the forums are getting more populated with more people complaining of the same problem. So far it appears to be a blogger issue. But we do not know for sure if it is that they do not want to have the box anymore, or if they have not been able to fox this, which is less likely. so e relate this to the recent issue wit California and the taxes they imposed on Amazon, and Amazon headquarters and many bloggers being in Cali, but this is more a rumor since blogger has not spoken on this. Amazon has. They say the ball is on blogger's field. That is the only iffy info I have.

Matthew said...

I am super annoyed with this issue. I wish we could at least get some info on what the problem is. IMO I think Blogger is being a punk about it because Amazon has stated it is not their issue and Blogger fails to update us with any information at all.

Silvia said...

Yes, Matthew, it is quite a disappointment! Adding links manually takes forever, it used to be so convenient, wasn't it?

Michelle said...

It doesn't look like this is getting fixed. I've been using the Site Strip available with Amazon. If you haven't used it yet, you can find it under Links and Banners. Click the learn more link. It's been working for me. I miss the old way. I hope it comes back. You do have to copy and paste html, but at least you get a picture if you like.

Silvia said...

Thanks Michelle. I don't know if I'm using it, I go to product links... anyway, nothing like the old way.

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