Where I go to learn about Charlotte Mason, II

My apologies to Amy Fisher from Fisher Academy International Teaching Home. She is pure Charlotte Mason!

Many more of you follow Charlotte Mason, please do not take it personal if I did not include you, I wouldn't have even included my blog, I'M SERIOUS. I've just mentioned those who have quantity and quality Charlotte Mason posts that explain her methods, comment extensively her work, and are using Ambleside or the Charlotte Mason method exclusively and who have been doing this for quite some time and with different ages as well as in different parts of the world.

Can I ever be finished compiling CM inspired blogs? I should have started by visiting those in my original list, and looking at the blogs they follow. I found this blog yesterday, and she is another inspiring CM homeschooling mom. She follows ambleside, with a child in year 4, and so far I'm just enjoying the 'discovery' which is new to me.

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lisa said...

Thanks for all the excellent links, Sylvia. I've been very busy. :)
A question for you...do you have a link for a list of good "living books"? And how many days a week would you recommend doing Spanish with my 12 yr. old?
Thanks so much!
Blessings to you,

Blossom said...

Amy's is the best blog out there- ever! :) Of course there are a lot of others but I love hers :D

Silvia said...

Lisa. I'm sorry it took me a while to answer to you.

About how many days? If you did ten minutes or fifteen a day, you could do it daily. But if it takes you 'time' to settle down to do it, maybe ideally two or three times.

It depends much on your approach. If you pick some songs and videos to listen to the language, or some CD's, you can do it at least Fridays. It's always best to do it poetically, meaning speaking a few words or sentences with him at home, talking with someone who knows Spanish or is learning it too, singing, listening... but at twelve he may be ready and also like some worksheet practice.
Not all 'workbooks' are the same. There must be some nice ones. I picked Minimus Latin not long ago, although it's not something my daughters will be doing soon, and I find it very nice, with comic type stories, nice characters, etc. I've heard excellent reviews on Rosetta stone, though I know it's expensive.
I'll say it is tight to the system or plan you have for it, and on your own son's motivation and style.

CM promoted conversational foreign languages at your son's age. But they also started with some songs and basic sentences and vocabulary that was PRACTICED, not just learned with paper and pencil first.

About the living book lists, for all ages? My major lists are Ambleside, go to accesstotheclassics.com, and also there are many free and living books at anoldfashionededucation.com, and the books about books, such as Jim Trealise books, or Honey's for the Child's Heart, or For the Children's Sake, or the Book reviews at Karen Andreola's blog, or the Classic Mind book lists, are full of good living book suggestions.
Here http://resourcesbysilvia.weebly.com/books--news.html I have a few book lists and suggestions.
It also depends, are you looking for reading books, or books that 'teach' a subject, such as living history books, or living science books.
Hope this helps!



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